Thursday, July 5, 2012

Winters Indoor and Outdoor Quilt Show

None of these wonderful quilts are mine.
The art by lynn is telling you they are my photos, the quilts are all the work of others.

 My friend, Diane, had three quilts in the show: #1
 #2 (middle one)
 She really likes this quilt by Joe Macnemara...She has taken a workshop with him.
 Detail of someone elses fine work.
It was a good show but on a very very hot day, 107 degrees HOT...we hurried home to our air conditioned house...but we really did enjoy the show and being with Diane!


  1. There is a lot of inspiration here. Beautiful quilts.

  2. all wonderful. the time and care it takes to make such large quilts!! So lovely that quilting is "in." I have a trunk full of old family quilts that I treasure.

  3. (sigh) A wonder to behold.
    My Grandmother was quite the quilter,
    and I wish now I'd have been interested
    in doing them.

  4. Great designs, fabulous colours, and not a Sun Bonnet Sue in sight! I mean other than the lovely lady wearing a sun hat.

  5. I just love quilts! What beautiful colors, works of art each and everyone!

  6. Wow fantastic work - this sort of work takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing.

    Here it's 70F and in the last few hours we have had so much rain that this hill I live on is almost an island!!!! I have never seen so much rain ...and in June/July!!

  7. so gorgeous! I love the sunny ones, all bright and cheerful

  8. Wow.. I love all the colors. That last one is amazing. Well they all are actually. :))

  9. Love these! I'm waiting for the weather to cool down a little so I can finish handquilting the Quult I made for Katie. Which means it won't come out again unil October! Good thing Katie is so patient!

  10. OH how lovely! The very top one is the most awesome quilt ever - different and striking!

  11. the quilts are absolutely amazing!
    and the faces look so happy - it's hard to believe that it's 107 .... really? that's just weird!


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