Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bone Scans and Gas Prices = Life!

Earlier this week I had a get to know you new doctor appointment.
When DH retired we had to change health insurance plans and
I had to say goodbye to the doctor I'd had for the past ten years.

New doctor sent me for a bone scan and I drew this as I waited my turn.

My gas tank was nearly on empty so I stopped at Costco for gas on the way home. The oil refinery near by had a huge fire. Another excuse for raising gas prices. Anything will do actually.
Everyone had the same idea so the place was grid locked full. Six rows of cars at least seven cars deep each. so I had plenty of time to draw.

and of course I enjoy the painting part when I get home. I find it very relaxing.
This is California.
How much is gas where you are?
prices went up the next day by ten cents a gallon!


  1. Yes, I'm starting to "collect" doctors, lately, lots of waiting room time.

    (Maybe I'll bring my sketchbook along next time!)

    Here in south FL gas is $3.79/gal.

  2. Excellent quick illustrations. Hard to say what the gas is here because we use litres so I'm not sure the conversion. I just know it's way more than the States because everyone goes across the line for gas, cheese, and milk! American Costco shoppers are annoyed at the lines since Canadians have been shopping there in droves! We have so many taxes tacked onto our gas and liquor here! A few pennies at a time, but it adds up quickly!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I would love to walk around with you and watch how you do this... I can't imagine how quickly you must capture all that is going on around you!
    too much fun.
    well, not the scan or waiting in line or the price of gas - but your depiction of it!
    cheers, dana
    MI $3.89 per gallon but it is up and down daily by as much as .20

  4. Hope the bone scan went ok...let us know. Especially like the black guy with muscles.

  5. Gas here is available as in no long lines but it costs $3.95 per gallon. UGH... Love your sketches. I would hate to have to wait in line for so long for gas. You have great patience.

  6. I just love how you capture a moment. :) I wish I had the same passion. :)

  7. Love your style ~ great sketching and painting ~ thanks, ( A Creative Harbor) always good to have you come by ^_^

  8. Last time I filled it was $3.79, that was a .20 cent jump from last time! Yikes!!! Great drawings and you always make me smile!

  9. I don't know what the price of gas is right now. Heard it went up. One thing nice about Oregon..we cant pump our own gas so don't have the moving up to next pump problem. They make us move up..Great sketches as usual. I like how you tell your story in the drawings.

  10. It's so cool how you always paint your daily life experiences. So many memories all wrapped up in pictures. Would love to be able to do that ....

  11. Great drawings!! I almost never look at the price of gas cause whatever it is I know I have to pay it anyhow :o(

  12. I just love the dynamic feel of your in the stop drawings. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Blessings!

  13. Love your drawings whilst you waited for 'gas' Lynn (we call it petrol here)!

  14. These are cute sketches. I haven't been for a bone scan. I'm assuming I still have some. :)
    We don't have thoses long lines for gasoline here - yet. I think our prices are around $3.80-something. You're right, they don't really need a reason to spike them again, they just do it because they can. Doesn't seem right, does it?

  15. I love reading about your life through your illustrations. As for the gas situation...I smell a ploy! They will do ANYTHING to raise the prices of EVERYTHING!! Gas is $3.48 as of yesterday here in Northern Idaho. But I'm sure it's on the way up. Hope your scan has good results.

  16. Great sketches.... 3.69 for me in small town NY!

  17. I love your sketches/paintings! I especially enjoy your little written comments!

    Not sure how much gas is here--it was $3.79 when I filled Katie's car up last week. I think I saw one station which had a sign for $4.05. Sigh. I don't drive much, thank goodness.

  18. I always enjoy seeing your sketches. They make me feel like I've been there with you.
    I have an hour drive tomorrow and I had to get gas earlier today. It was $4.09 per gallon and I spent $40. Never in my life have I spent that much money for gas.

  19. Hi Lynn
    I love your sketches, and the stories they tell.

    Happy weekend, Ev

  20. i just dont pay much attention to the gas prices. i have to buy it so i do. i buy the cheapest of the three offers though.

    love the topics you are painting.

  21. Such awesome bits of life you capture, Lynne !
    Light and love to you !


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