Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here Come The Chickens, and Ducks, and Dog and Cat and Bunny and Geese!!!!

Happy Animal Wednesday!
These chickens are from our visit with Cris in Oregon's across the road neighbor when we were there July 1-2nd on our trip.
Her neighbor raised them from chicks. I think they are doing the chicken dance!

There were so many of them just roaming free in their yard and so pretty in color!
They also had a dog and ducks...
and kids and more ducks...
These also were raised from tiny ducklings...

And they had a bunny too. He was adorable...
and a few cats. I thought this one was particulary cute.

The geese were floating in the North Umpquoi river...which is just down the slope from their back yard. Such a beautiful place to live!


  1. The animals all seem to get on well together, even the dog looks as though he is 'herding' the ducks!

  2. Hmmm I thought these critters looked familiar. You obviously had a great time on your vacation. HAW.

  3. wow - this is amazing - Cris really does live in a rural area with all those animals around. Wonderful

  4. Yes, Lisa is right.. these critters do look familiar. lol You wouldn't recognize those Ducks now tho. They are no longer babies. They will be flying soon. Its fun to look out and see the Chickens running around the yard. HAW

  5. I'm laughing as I read the comments! Cris has done such a good job of chronicling the growth of these Ducks and Chicks - they DO LOOK FAMILIAR to those of us who follow her... I ADORE the fact everyone runs about free and un-penned....

    I love your's a real gift...

    Wonderful Post! HAW!

    And....*Kiss the King* for me!

    Hugs from (sigh) foggy San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. How fun to find these famous critters over here. And how lucky that you got to meet them.

  7. I love chickens, we have had them for pets. We were going to get some this spring but when Arney was hurt in the car accident, life change some for awhile. These are wonderful pictures, I would love being there too.
    About my story...I have never wrote it down. I have held this story within me forever. I am writing it as I remember it. I see why some people write books about themselves, it is healing. I cry, as I write because it is so real to me. I see it all over again. There are things that never leave us. My sister Sharon even shares a few things for my story that will be put in soon. Thank you for reading and feeling this event in my life. We all have stories, some are harder than others, Big Hugs, Mary

    1. Yes Mary, we do, yours is incredible. Thank you again for writing it. I am so glad you find doing so healing for you! xoox Lynn

  8. Love the animals!! I could watch their antics for hours!!

    Hugs Giggles


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