Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sea Music Festival in Photos From Saturday

 Summer in San Francisco can be cool to cold, but even so people and birds can be found swimming in the bay...(which is fitting for an Animal Wednesday post on my blog!)

 The Balclutha is a huge three masted Tall Ship that sits in the bay at Hyde Street Pier. It hosted several music performances and Capstan can see a real guy up there on the mast! I would not do well at that job at all!

Down in the hold of the Ferry Boat The Eureka we listened to African American/West Indies Songs; Songs New and Old, Irish Traditions ...
 with the Johnson Girls, Chantey Man Salty Walt...(below)

We broke for lunch and walked across the street to a place we like where we had hot clam chowder and San Francisco sour dough bread that was really sour just the way we like it...I liked these chairs at the bar!

 Back on the pier we saw men and women in traditional costumes that added to the atmosphere of the festival.

The finale of the day was outside where the winds blew hard and we huddled together to stay warm as the singers sang their hearts out...This is our friend, Dick Holdstock, giving his all with a Shanty song on the pier.

 I'm not sure of her name, but she has a wonderful voice and talent. That's Salty Walt on her right...
 Tom Lewis was another salty dog who sang and entertained on several instruments...he said he was celebrating his 70th birthday! And his wife's name is Lynn. ;-) (not me).
 Yes, it is Summer in San Francisco! And we were all bundled up doing our best to stay warm. The music helped!

And then we drove home across the fogged in Golden Gate Bridge!
It was a good day, an enjoyable day...and we are grateful to the  Living History Players on the pier, for Chantey Songs that live on, and the park rangers and volunteers who keep all this going every year.

To see my drawings from this event see an earlier post this week and another tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for all these photos, it's nice to see what goes on in other places and this event looked like it was a great success.....for some reason Hyde Street Pier has a familiar ring to it somewhere!!

  2. I can just FEEL the fog and hear the songs - what a great day this looks like. I've been there so can easily imagine it - and you took great pics!

  3. Wow great post! I love all the history here! Looks pretty foggy on that bridge. Great photos!

  4. Burr.. I can feel the fog. Lots of great photos here. Those bar stools are pretty cool looking. HAW

  5. Such a busy day and the foggy bridge crossing picture is the first I've seen of the golden gate from that perspective.

  6. Oh yeah SF Weather........ :( But it seemed it didn't prevent you all from having a good time. Lovely!

  7. Awesome, my son in law, daughter and I would be there in a heart beat. He loves his folk music as do I an this is right up his alley!! Wonderful photos thank you so much for showing them!!

    Hugs Giggles


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