Sunday, September 30, 2012

Along the Oregon Trail

In Guernsey, Wyoming on day 7 we walked the wagon wheel ruts along the North Platte River. 
It was exhilarating to know we were standing where pioneers rode their wagons along this part of the Oregon Trail. We drove through the beautiful Black Hills finally arriving in Rapid City, South Dakota. (dH's most memorable childhood home)

The fall colors were amazingly beautiful.


  1. I hope everyone goes back to see ALL your drawings you put on your blog since I know you tried to do it from your iPad and couldn't get more then one on at a time and no words and they are untitled, but actually with your drawings you need no words as they really speak for themselves. At least we can see what you are doing.

  2. Oh good you got it fixed. Even better with words but still good without. :))

  3. What a journal! Next I want you to go to Paris!!!!



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