Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bribing Henry V... Guilty Parents

 The evening before we left on  our road trip Henry V did not have a clue...

but he must have started wondering when we came in with all these new toys...

...which he immediately attacked with much gusto...
 ...and seemed to delight in until he tore the ball from the line and felt he had...

captured his prey! Quite satisfied, the King!

DH said he played with it during the night while the rest of we peons slept...

I can only imagine him being on goingly entertained in our absence! Take care, Henry, we love you and will send you and Uncle R. postcards...

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. That Henry is the luckiest cat to have his Uncle come stay with him and to have new toys. I know he will miss you though.

  2. Guilty *Peons*, PARENTS....but, very loving ones! The King and his *attendant* will be ok....he will probably vent with those new toys...
    Lynn - FABULOUS photos of the King in action!!!

    Have a fantastic trip! Drive safely! Take lots of photos! I have visions of your DH driving through the country - while you, sitting next to him, have your head down, drawing furiously!!!! HAVE FUN! We will all miss you....but not as much as Henry V! (He will make you pay when you return home!) A-ha-ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Love it..Bribe them with goodies. :) Looks like it worked. Henry is in good hands.

  4. We leave our cat when we journey but I hadn't thought of toys!!! Great idea, I'll remember it next time:)

  5. I'm sure he knew you were leaving but he decided to surprise you with nonchalance instead! funny old henry!!

  6. I always love Henry posts! He seems like a cat with real personality and he looks so regal, King Henry is the perfect name for him! ps Love the oranges in your previous post - such a vibrant color.

  7. So nice he will be entertained during your absence! Beautiful and healthy looking kitty!

  8. Oh what a lovely cat! =) So good he has got some exciting toys to play with while his dear people are absent.. :)

    Have a lovely day! :)

  9. my cat has never liked toys. glad H. has some distractions while mom and dad are away.


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