Sunday, September 16, 2012

On The Road Again

Somethings come to an end, and new beginnings await!

On Thursday I finished this art journal I purchased in Oregon while on vacation in July.
I drew in it starting August 1, 2012 and by September 13 I had completed all fifty (50) pages in it!

This is a sneak peek at it's last page...

And this is what fifty pages of fifty drawings look like~!

On Wednesday of last week I walked from my office down town to the town square. On the way I was suddenly walking behind three moms all with babes in arms and about seven little kids in tow...
We got to the corner and I wondered "Now what?" All of a sudden all seven toddlers joined hands and the group marched across the street, as cars waited allowing them and me to cross.

I was in awe and felt moments of trepidation worrying about the three moms being able to track all of these children at once.

Funny, as over 40 years ago I was one of those mom's and my best friend Patty and I walked ten little children the same way between my nursery school in a duplex up the street to my parents house to play outside in their yard where my dad had built climbing toys for them to use. I had an 18 month old and a four year old at the time.

Sweet to watch history repeating itself. I sat down to lunch outside the bakery and drew the mom's and the kids.

They didn't sit long after their snack time. They were up and running around and I enjoyed watching their every move.

On Thursday I took my art journal to lunch at Taco Jalisco's. I had one blank page left.
I was overwhelmed at the door when it looked like every table was full. The center of the room had two long tables (three smaller tables each pushed together) to hold this large group of workers.

 I quickly found a small for one table next to the wall and started sketching from right to left bottom row working across and then across the table, then behind them at the next table some, not all, and at the table behind that table, the wall and pictures and the woman on the left side at the counter with my pen.

At home that evening I painted them all.

I could not believe how PERFECT this last drawing was for the last page in my art journal when I noticed the words on the guys yellow T-shirt: "Consider it done"...were the words written there.
It could not have been a more perfect ending to this journal.

And now we are packing up, I've packed TWO NEW ART JOURNAL'S in my back pack
as we head out on a road trip across country.
I am taking a lap top as I cannot imagine not posting on my blog!
My brother will be staying at our house keeping things safe.
Stay tuned~!
The fun is just beginning!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for all of your wonderful encouraging, supportive, warm, caring complimentary comments on my Paint Party Friday blog post and on my Interview as featured artist at Paint Party Friday. I could not have been made to feel more special or good about myself and my art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  ...Lynn xoxo


  1. you are such a prolific artist, well done! And enjoy your trip!

  2. How awesome that you saw the tee shirt sign. It really WAS a great way to end this journal. Plan to visit you on your trip, too. I hope it's great.

  3. Do have a GrEaT RoAdTriP and really enjoy it. Congratulations on filling your Journal, perfect.

  4. Consider it done is perfect, it's always great to end a journal and to start one!

  5. Congratulations! I love all your coloured sketches, Lynn, they are so beautiful...

  6. Love seeing a filled sketch book. How fun it ended how it did.. PERFECT. meant to be.
    Have fun filling your new one. Look forward to seeing what you do. Love these sketches.. wow.. you did a crowd scene. Amazing and in such a short time too. With lots of details of glasses on and on the head with expressions too. :))

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  8. Well done lynn! What you o in a month takes me about a year!

  9. I have tears in my eyes and I don't even know why!!! This post is so profound!! The spirit in which you finished your journal. I love the mothers, and I too love love love watching moms and children since I am so far removed now. I look at how amazing your work is, and I think if you'd never explored this side of yourself how sad that would have been...How many people out there have a gift buried deep and never explore it!! I think "consider it done" made me weird...

    Enjoy the trip and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures on the road!! Have fun!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I have always admired your work and how your sketches are so very fluid...they always make me relate to some similar story I have seen around all about you and your blog!

  11. hope you are enjoying your trip. i am amazed at the amount of detail you put in your paintings of people. how you have grown and changed in the few years i have been reading yr blog. i wonder how many years. maybe even three or four? be well, suki


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