Saturday, September 1, 2012

Still Celebrating My Birthday

On Friday, my best friend since infancy, Patty came up to continue my birthday SEASON.
We celebrate together every year for 71 years now...
Patty always comes loaded down with gifts...
 I drew and painted this vase of beautiful flowers she brought me! I had never seen sunflowers this orange! Or leaves this purple before! Such beauty.
Thank you Patty!!!

I am wearing a necklace Patty made for me and a bracelet she gave me engraved with "Friends Forever" on it...but that basket contained still more gifts (the beautiful basket itself for my art supplies she said, another really pretty bracelet of beads of all shapes and colors (see in second to last photo); and a gorgeous pair of long dangly earrings! My style!

We went to Fenton's for lunch...and DESSERT!!!!

It is so decadent. But so delicious too. We love hot fudge sundaes with coffee ice cream! Num!!!

Thank you Patty...I plan for us to still be doing this at 81, 91 and 101...Love you dear friend!!!! XOXOX

Happy Birthday To Me for another year!
Nothing better than very best friends forever!


  1. HAPPY Birthday! It looks like you had a great one! All the best to you this year! I wish I had been there!

  2. The best gift is having a friend for so long--that is so rare--what a blessing. The dessert looks soooo good...

  3. Happy birthday, Lynn!! Hope you'll have a wonderful year and many more years! These sunflowers are beautiful indeed!

    Have a good week end!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LYNN! Gosh...I have now known you long enough to remember Patty and your annual celebration. Friends like this are better than presents! (Although Patty gives great ones!) Love the necklace (so YOU) and the basket full of goodies. Those Sunflowers are breathtaking! I have NEVER seen them in this colour....although I did see some dark red ones once in Taos... The Ice Cream Sundaes.....Mon Dieu!!!! (But delicious looking...)

    I can't believe your age..... don't look it at all. Your are a testament to what my dear Mum always said: "Age is in your ♥....and how you live is reflected in your body and face"!

    One more Happy Birthday Hug!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. HoPe Im NoT tOO LAtE tO saY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ...Have a wonderful weekend Lynn. Think you got the 71 years thing wrong on your post!!!! No way can either of you be in that way...So what's the secret...I want some (:

  6. Happy birthday Lynn! You two look so radiantly happy! Lovely to see. :) Enjoy your gifts and keep celebrating. :D

  7. happy birthday Lynne!!! I love being a part of the best friend's celebrations!! It's a joy to see you two together, no matter the occasion. You look fabulous by the way!!♥

  8. happy birthday, you and patty always have so much fun together.

  9. nothing like your BFF and your birthday together and you guys do such a great job of celebrating. You both look awesome!! and lovely wonderful presents and ....oh that dessert!!! wow

  10. happy birthday lynn. you and patty deserve each other! what wonderful gifts she has given you. the photo of you and that hot fudge sundae made me choke from laughing. it and you are adorable.

    i wish you and patty another 25 or 30.


  11. Happy late birthday dear♥ You don't look like 70 + at all! What is your secret?????
    I love long friendships they are so precious . Good to see you 2 together again. She looks like a sweetheart as well!!!
    That ice cream!!!! Reminds me of the messy Sundae Felix had in what a treat that was.
    Looked at all the posts I have missed. My o my all those sketches!!!!!! I admire you from finding and taking time to do all you are doing! The grands have grown again. They are darling!
    And I am happy Henry has his castle all for himself again.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  12. Happy Birthday Lynn, wow you look amazing. Never would guess near seventy. Your friend looks cool, young and current too!!Love her hoody, adorable print!! All that creative blood keeps you both so!! I have friends like that too!! Not from infancy though...which is extra special!! Those celebrations are the best, really makes you feel loved!! I hope you feel loved today and everyday!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Yay Happy Birthday! Wow..such gorgeous art..beautiful colors..fabulous! and wonderful photos..looks like fun!

  14. What a great shot of you two together. You both look GREAT. Must be those chocolate Coffee sundaes. :)))You two certainly can milk something for a long time. :)) Great time was had for sure.

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Lynn. We are about the same age! Hope you have an amazingly wonderful year!

  16. Happy belated birthday! Love the flowers sketch (the sundaes look pretty good too!)

  17. Happy belated Birthday, Lynn! Your sunflower bouquet is full of life and vigor! A really great color combination - orange and purple.

  18. Happy late B-day, Lynn! Those flowers certainly are a lovely shade of orange! I LOVE that! Your painting/sketch is lovely! I seriously want some of your desserts there, right now!!! :)
    xoxo- Julie

  19. Happy happy birthday.....

    it looks like you had so much fun and lots of lovely things :)



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