Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Animal Wednesday: Buffalos

On day 9 of our travels we found ourselves in Custer State Park South Dakota, where we rose at 4:30 a.m. to drive in the dark before dawn to the place in the park following thousands of other people who wanted to witness the 47th Buffalo Round Up of 1500 buffalo from all over this fantastic park.
We got there, joined the line for pancakes and sausages, coffee and chocolate, and found the most ideal, advantageous place to view the excitement to come. Cowboys on horses and cowboys in four wheel drive trucks were busy out in the wild doing their rounding up jobs. And we patiently waited.
And waited. And waited. ....................finally around 11:00 a.m. we started to feel a rush of energy come over the crowd. People rushed the fence for a closer view. And THEN we SAW THEM...1500 BUFFALO came over the hill being rounded up by the very authentic cowboys, and we saw one passel of buffalo split off from the huge group and made a last ditch effort to escape being corralled.
  But, they didn't have a chance. Those cowboys were right on it and soon even those clever buffalo were rounded up and led into the corral.

Why this round up you ask?
They were to be given shots, and then divided some to be auctioned off to private and corporate herds.

A long day, but an exciting experience!


  1. This is fantastic, such a hard thing to draw and you got it perfectly. Love the colours too. Isn't it a terrible strain on your eyes drawing while fred drives? Gosh I couldn't do that.

  2. Love your drawing Lynn. This sounds a terrific event to watch, must have been incredible to see so many animals moving together! (on another note thought I would say that years ago I thought Custer was spelt like custard!...doh..I've always been daft!).lol.

  3. You did a wonderful job capturing this event. wow that was a long early wait. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Hope you two are feeling better today.

    Just looked at all your journal pages :) Busy on a holiday too!
    Hope by now you both feel better so you can enjoy all again in full!


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