Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Wishes for Quick Storm Recovery on Animal Wednesday

 Our hearts go out to all the people and four legged animals who have suffered from the Terrible Storm on the east coast this past weekend.

Here I am sharing the last of the animals we saw on our trip over the 8 states in this wonderful country of ours the US of A.

These horses were seen at the foot of the Grand Tetons! A most spectacular mountain range near Yellowstone National Park.

Fall color was bursting out all over in colorful abundance making our eyes dance and sing. Right timely for Halloween wouldn't you say?

Probably there are fish in the water here. Take my word for it. ;-)

A young moose enjoys some grass in this area too.

And you already know my affinity with buffalo/bison.

This past weekend we visited our 14 MONTH old grand daughter, Allie Bel, in Portland, Oregon. We brought her a stuffed buffalo from our trip. Allie was born deaf, but now wears a Cochlear implant and hears just fine. But she also signs. So I looked up and taught her the sign for buffalo. So now she can make it too, with her two little fists turned inward facing her forehead then turned outward! She is so bright!

The buffalo came in all shapes and sizes on our trip too.
Happy Animal Wednesday
and remember the
American Red Cross needs our help!


  1. HAW Lynn. Love seeing all the wildlife here. Have a happy halloween.

  2. I'm with you in having thoughts to those on the East coast, that was some storm! Love your photos in this post, the landscape is particularly amazing.

  3. Ah, wonderful of you to post about the animals affected by *Sandy.. I am praying for everyone - 2 and 4 footed - whose lives have been disrupted by this terrible tragedy.

    Great photos (as usual)! That first Bison photo is a classic! That you should enter in a is stunning!

    Allie sounds as bright and feisty as her *Nana*! I know you are proud!

    Happy HAW-loween!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. What wonderful photos. I think my favorite is the 4th one with the mountain and water with the trees changing. Second best would be the Buffalo walking down the street. What a sight that would be. I too am thinking & praying for the poor people and Critters in the aftermath of Sandy.

  5. Love your photos, the mountains are so beautiful and big and fun to see the big animal walking on the road.

  6. No 1, 3 and for are stunning photos!! I'm so overwhelmed! =)

    I like your other photos also, and I must admit you came close to the bisons! =O

    I think your granddaughter is intelligent.. :)

  7. and
    I really hope the animals are doing fine, and that they didn't get hurt.. but that's maybe too naive for me to think.. anyway, I should hope for the best.. the storm was scary!! :(

  8. great pictures, I do so wish we had digital cameras when we went out west. It was many years ago now. I would love to have the pictures we took then on our computers.Guess we will just have to go again.


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