Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Update: Carlos To The Rescue

Last night Carlos came over to help with the book!
He brought his lap top, some editing software and while he was loading things up to my computer
he sang to us while playing my husband's guitar.
What a sweet man, sweet voice and generous spirit he is.

He said he told his mom he was going over to our house to "hang out"...

DH sang too, they traded songs. Some work got done on the book. I wish I could say it was not a struggle, the making of this book, however, with this last surge of energy and know-how from Carlos

I trust it will soon get done...he's coming back on Friday to do more work on it with me. What a doll he is.

Thank you Carlos, you are a Godsend and a delight!;

RE: Animal Wednesday
Henry V is totally freaked out meeting men guests in our home so he ran away to hide outside until after Carlos went home late that night!


  1. Awe what a sweetheart!! Thanks Carlos for helping our dear blog friend!! It's always such a thrill when young people share their time and knowledge with us!! Of course we have to be open to it...some older people aren't!! I respect youth and know I can always learn something!! My son in law adores his older customers the best, even has a 90 year old guy take him to lunch every few months... They adore him too!! He comes home with such neat stories from old musicians!! Glad the book is coming along so well!!

    Again a big thanks to Carlos!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. What a lovely Sweet Man. Thank you Carlos from all of us as we will all benefit from your help when her book is ready for sale. I love how we all can benefit from each other no matter the age range. Love that he plays guitar too.

  3. You are so lucky to have someone who knows the technical stuff to help you out. And he looks so nice ....what a happy chappy.

  4. Carlos is a doll and how great to have someone who knows what he is doing willing to help out. I did have a good laugh about Henry.

  5. How sweet of Charles - is he from Jaliscos? I'm always amazed at how quickly this younger generation can figure out the electronic things that take me forever. They have an aptitude for it.

    1. Yes, Carlos is Carlos of Tacos Jalisco! Now I have brought my public-art life home! And he has taken several college classes in the use of Photoshop! He is invaluable to me and the launching/production of The Book! We will be working more on it here tomorrow!

  6. I just think you are amazing! what fantastic project this has turned out to be .... and you have had so much fun in the process .... as it should be!!!


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