Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Art Show Was A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!

Last night we set up my art: Ten (10) small, medium and large ART QUILTS, and a dozen  (12)
ink/watercolor PAINTINGS at THE FRENCH CUFF, a very chic consignment shop in Davis, CA.
You can see my art quilt: "Stop Bullying Now", through the window hanging on the wall.
My first guests were dear friends I had not seen for a year!
I loved watching them enjoying my paintings on the wall.
All the paintings are from my book and done at Tacos Jalisco in Vacaville, CA.
Aviva wrote a very sweet note in my guest book about her reactions to my art!
It was fun watching people I did not know looking and commenting as well!
Then another friend, Karen came, with a friend of hers!
They are looking at a wall of small art quilts!
They got a kick out of the one made up of used tea bags!
Karen is another friend I hadn't seen in a very long time. I had sent out post cards
announcing this show over a month ago. It was so sweet to be able to spend time
and talk about our lives; and my art with them as they came through!
Karen didn't know I'd been drawing and painting...she seemed impressed!
This young woman and her daughter are new family members of my dear friend Patty.
They came with husbands and kids!
It was fun to be able to show off my book too.
It got lots of nice kudos!!!
My friend, Diane, also showed up! She liked this big colorful art quilt made using
gel plates of color and cloth!
And she seemed to like my book as well!
I don't know these nice people, but they asked questions about my art quilt:
"African Soul" (upper left)
Bridgette is the young woman, an art historian, who works in the shop!
She was so helpful, informative, and fun to talk to!
And she gave me lots of positive feedback about my book!
I love it when people who know about art tell me I did artsy things that I just did, but didn't realize what they were!
More nice people I do not know looking...
Patty and Bob came in after eating dinner across the street! Patty gets her birthday gift copy of my book today! Bob loves my work too!
This woman was very taken by this art quilt with the crocheted flowers! First she talked to Bridgette about it. Then to me. She took out a tape measure to see if it might fit on a wall in her home. She told me she was an interior designer, and went on to tell me many things this art quilt had, sorry, it was all over my head, (hear me giggling), but apparently again, I did many things artfully correct, unbeknownst to me, and who knows, she might even come back and buy it!
We'll see.
Someone told these people to come check out my art and my book so they did!
Oh, And the art coordinator for the Art About in Davis came by to meet me and told me about another show next month that is about Art Quilts and Love. She wanted to know if I might have something to enter into that show. We'll see.
There is nothing quite as wonderful when doing a show, as having your best friend
show up and give you support and unconditional love!
Thank you Patty!
And thanks to all those other friends who came out as well.
I love and appreciate you all!
What was really great was that they all came independently of each other so I had time to be with each one separately, and had time to talk and share it all.
Hallie came too, but I didn't get a photo of her unfortunately. And that too
was a very sweet visit~
My art is very, very happy on the walls there.
It will hang there until Feb. 8. 2013
The French Cuff
130 G. Street
Davis, CA
And I am feeling proud and happy this morning!
I had a very very good show!


  1. What a wonderful exhibit. Thanks for taking your blog readers along to the opening! I love the mixture of fiber and paper art. You go, girl!

  2. I am doing a big happy dance all round the room. Lynn, they all look spectacular. Of course 'African Soul' speaks to me (loudly) and we all know why. You are a true inspiration to me- have always been and will always be. I feel honoured to have been 'with you' right at the start of your quilting journey. Way to go. And I love the cardigan you are wearing too, befitting for an artist.

  3. Congratulations Lynn, this looks wonderful! Your paintings and your fabric art should be seen. Wish I could have been there too.

  4. Wish I could have been there in person but thanks for sharing the night with us here. It all looks so wonderful there. Love that place. Wish it were here. I see some cool things.. along with the Art work. :) Hope that lady comes back for that piece..but if you're like me its hard to part with you work. :) Congrats again.

  5. Congratulations Lynn. everyone seemed to be having go much fun. You surely are an amazing artist.

  6. This is my favorite post EVER!!! I have goosebumps!! So happy for you and all your excitement!! Such an honor all your friends turning up, not to mention strangers!! A great support for all your tenacity!! You should be soooo proud of yourself!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I felt like I was there experiencing the exhibition. Such varied and lovely work. Well done ............

  8. excellent!! I'm soooo happy for you!!!!

  9. How exciting for you- thanks so much for all the pictures - so nice to see your success!!

  10. they all look wonderful and we are ALL so proud of you!!!

  11. I am sooo soooo happy for you! You have worked hard for this and you deserve it! It is so much fun to see people enjoy something you've created. I'm proud of you!

  12. congratulations! what an exciting thing an art opening is!!

  13. Congrats! It looks great and you seem to have had fun. :)

  14. Oh, to live closer. What a treat it would have been to be a part of your art talented person!

  15. Congratulations on your exhibition and your book. Everything looks wonderful.

  16. Congratulations! Awesome pieces. I´m so happy to read your show was such a success.

  17. Congratulations once again. I love your work and have been telling friends about it.

    1. Thank you so much Loriik! What a treat to hear!

  18. A big congratulations. Looks like the show was well attended...and really fun.


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