Sunday, February 17, 2013

Extremely Busy Week Drawing at Tacos Jalisco, La Borgata Deli, Starbucks, and Bab's Diner!

We'll start at lastTuesday, at Tacos Jalisco! The place was packed, Carlos was working, I had an art book I wanted to give him, but it took forever it seemed for him to wait on all the customers there, before he had time to come and sit and chat with me. But he did. And that was fun!
In the meantime I drew those three guys! I loved the blond guys duck tail hair style. A modern version of that 1950's tail with more up sweep on top!
I am becoming familiar with the mom and son on the right. They come in a lot!

On Wednesday, I walked downtown to the deli. I sat outdoors under a huge umbrella (see the white at the top of my drawing). I could peer out at the others and things outside. That was a fun new perspective!

Also of note: I ran into "The Couple" from J's on my way there. They were going into Taco Jalisco as I was passing by. We stopped for a few shared words. And then on my way back I saw "The Floor Guys" coming out of Tacos Jalisco. They asked if I was going in. Nope, on my way back to my office a few doors further down. But nice to see all the familiar faces I now draw! They can all be seen in my book: "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco" on sale at Blurb bookstore on line. (see my sidebar for directions)! ;-)

On Thursday we popped into Starbucks after dropping DH's car in the mechanics AGAIN! Before I had to go to work. These guys were obviously talking business.

And these women were deep in conversation! I think the three of them were another business group.
One gal was in her own world on her computer over there on the left.

Now for something completely different! On Friday, my day off, we went to Suisun on the water!
We love the water! We had to wait for a table at Bab's diner, and there was no where to sit to draw with this view. So I stood and drew these boats in the water. It was warmish out and the sun was shining. It felt so good to be outdoors in the fresh air!

I loved drawing the boats. I want to go back there and do more!

And then we were called to go eat. Our table was ready. We had a view of the water on the deck where we sat. I drew this other couple ordering their breakfast. I had a huge bowl of oatmeal with apples, cranberries and walnuts. DH had eggs and bacon. It was all good.

And that was my week in ink and gouache paints. If you want to see more scroll back one post to my Thursday drawings from earlier in the week!

Happy Sunday Sketching. Wonder where I'll go today to draw?


  1. Oh, I love that white umbrella and your boats are absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Love all the drawings and stories that go with them...:)

  3. I especially like the view while you were waiting for your seat... fun to see you draw something new but still in your wonderfully distinctive style...xx

  4. The guy in the green hat looks like he is sucking his thumb.. lol or going for his glasses. I agree with Tracey.. its fun to see the view and the boats in your style. but all of the drawings are great. Its fun to people watch the most I think.

  5. I like all these pieces, but I truly love your boat scene. Blessings!

  6. This seems like a fun place to eat tacos! Reminds me of watching Rockford Files and how he was always getting a taco! cool sketches!

  7. Delightful as always and love the boats! ^_^

    Thanks for your comments ^_^

  8. Love your boats today! Another wonderful week!

  9. You busy bee ;)
    I love the painting with the boats reminds me of summer.............
    have a wonderful week!

  10. Gosh you've had a busy time and what enjoyable paintings. You should draw yourself in sometimes!

  11. Oh, I love that blond's hair. :) Great sketches!

  12. I really love coming here to your page and seeing what you've created next. You do inspire me to be more free with my art, so to speak. I'm really trying to break out of the mode of being "perfect" with my sketches. :)

    1. I am all about imperfection...go for it! ;-)

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