Thursday, July 10, 2014

Portraits, Sketchbook Skool Homework, Houses by Lynn Cohen

 Ellen Etzler is a Klassmate in Sketchbook Skool
She was my 107th portrait of the month

I continue to draw portraits, and this one was done right before we left on a five day mini vacation; and the beginning of Semester 2 of Sketchbook Skool, called SEEING.

Skool started with Danny Gregory's class in SEEING. This was the second lesson that was called: Fast and Slow. We were to quickly paint an outline of an object and then slowly do a line drawing of that object. Well, leave it to me to choose to draw a whole big basket of objects (vegetables) from the local farmers market. I splashed my color and some of it actually matched what I would be drawing on top of it. However you will see a lot of white kale and basket. It was a challenging and fun exercise!

On our trip in northern California I took numerous photos of Victorian houses. This one was in Ferndale, CA. Again, I tried using the Fast, Slow exercise doing it.

The Green Mansion is in Eureka, CA. It is HUGE! I guess I like large challenges. Again, paint splashed quickly, and then three hours went into the drawing of these gables, roof tops and house parts.

In Ferndale, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Victorian Inn. I repeated the fast slow method for this part of the building.

The first lesson in the SEEING first class with Danny  Gregory was to draw a piece of toast, slowly, and getting all it's crevices and valleys and bumps. I don't eat bread, we were traveling so when my husband had his ritual morning coffee from Starbucks, I asked for their bumpiest bagel in the shop.
She asked if I'd then want the cheese, seeded bagel? Yes, it was indeed bumpy enough. She then asked if I'd " cream cheese on that?"  I said, "No, I am not going to eat it, I was going to draw it."

I forgot to ask her to toast it.

But I drew it in the car as we traveled on. And here it is.

I will end this post with one more portrait. This time it's not of a Klassmate, but of my Israeli nephew (from my first marriage) Shay (pronounced Shy), who I have reconnected with fifty years later via Facebook. He saw this and liked it and said he was hanging it in his office.

Wishing you all a creative week. Draw and paint and enjoy life! See you at Paint Party Friday, and Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens!
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  1. ohhhh the bagel is awesome! And the veggies are the best hehehehe love them!

  2. You have been busy, and while traveling no less. Fabulous houses! The story of the cheese bagel made me laugh, I haven't bought a piece of food specifically to draw. It's a wonderful drawing. Hope you enjoyed your trip!
    Happy PPF!

  3. Your artwork always fascinates and amazes me. So expressive and yet so accurate. That californian mansion is really alive...and I love the story about the bagel :)

  4. Great to see your weeks work Lynn. Now onto the next :-)

  5. Love your artwork Lynn! As always it is true you! Love it! x

  6. Lynn, your basket of veggies is wonderful. Of course, your portraits are what I always look for and so I did enjoy seeing Shay and Ellen. The Victorian houses have so much detail. My hat's off to you for doing a fine job with it.

  7. great houses...oh, but that bagel looks delicious!!!

  8. Wonderful! I have never heard of the Fast and Slow technique - and in reverse of what I would think of doing! Not drawing and then painting, but splashing a little paint and then drawing like crazy! So cool! Love the bagel - happy PPF!

  9. Beautiful, wonderful sketches! They are all so charming. The fast and slow technique leads to a great mix of spontaneous and detail. I've been away for awhile and I can really see your progress over time.

  10. I think the fast slow with the veg is my favourite Lynn drawing ever... it is just full of energy and interest and just appeals to me like crazy.... of course the houses are excellent as well, but those veg look fabulous to me...xx

  11. your ferndale victorian inn is absolutely charming. i love the meandering feel of it and all of the fine details. i don't think i could ever manage that many details.

  12. I am so impressed with the details in your veggies and the houses!!! Wow, you are "seeing" a lot. I just love the bagel which I think is much more exciting than toast anyway. You captured all the crevices. The lady must have thought you were crazy.LOL

  13. Lots more fun sketches. You really added some good detail to the veggies from what I saw before. You have quite the variety here. Your first great sketches were Victorians on location so you have been doing the seeing for some time. I have a great one on my wall.

  14. Sounds like an interesting technique, fast and slow. I love that drawing of your nephew. How wonderful to have connected with him again on Facebook!


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