Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Week in Black & White and Color ... Again.

Most of my art of late are from assignments in Sketchbook Skool (see icon on my side bar to learn more about Sketchbook Skool).  We were to do an outdoor scene where we drew focus to one part of a scene. I brought out the concrete pillar with some water-soluble ink down one side. I think it worked.

The next assignment was to draw people quickly and in motion. It's amazing how much motion you can find in folks standing in line and even while sitting.

I didn't think my husband would move much but he did. Hands moved, legs got crossed and uncrossed, head went into different angles. It's a challenge folks, try it.
The bottom half of this picture is my Michael Jordon (red) backpack.

Nothing moving here. We went to lunch in Winters when I got done drawing the pillar outside the bank.

Later in the week I got back into color at Starbucks using colored pencils.
I love drawing in ink, then pulling out my 140 colored pencils and coloring there!
And at the Nugget where we had another lunch on that same day and where I saw the most
interesting folks.

If you've been following my blog for any length of time you know my Uncle Harry. He had his 96th birthday this past week. We got to go be with him and were happy to find him in fairly good spirits. He sure was happy to see us walk in. I wish I could bottle that joyous smile he had on his handsome face.

He doesn't mind that I draw him at all, while he looks in all the art journals I bring to share with him.
He is one of my biggest fans!

One more outing to try to find people in motion. These were at the German Bakery in our Town Square.

Theses too:

My husbands hands were moving when he needed to turn a page in his book:

It's been a good week for drawing.
I've joined a group in the USA through Sketchbook Skool making
Traveling Art Journals.
We each have the same Japanese Moleskin Album that opens up accordion style; we will draw in our own book, then send it on to the next person on a list in the group, who in turn sends their book on to the next person, then sends your book on to the next and we hope before the year is up to get our own books back filled with the art of all the other members in the group!
I'm still enjoying Boot Kamp in Sketchbook Skool.
And I've started another art class on line at Crafty, with Marc Taro Holmes
Drawing People in Motion!
That would have been helpful for the earlier mentioned boot kamp assignment.
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Sunday Sketchers is there too.
Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens has new challenges every two weeks. Linked here.
and once more
I cannot say enough about

Have a fun creative week, thanks so much for stopping by and I love your comments and that you follow my blog!!!


  1. You are certainly keeping busy with the various art projects you join Lynn. Lovely to see your sketches all here together :-)

  2. Drawing people in situ is very challenging and you are great at it. I always get so frustrated when they move!!

  3. Wow what a challenge doing moving people, you amaze me! Wonderful sketches as always!

  4. Charming...that's you! I love reading and seeing all your work. It's just so charming and fun. I've been out of the PPF loop for awhile, trying to make money with my art, but coming here and reading what you and my other favorite people are up to makes me think. I need to have fun, more often, and stop focusing on the monetary value of everything I do. Sorry, sort of a silly rant! Thanks for sharing, happy Paint Party Friday :)

  5. You have been a busy bee. Good to see Uncle Harry is ok. The girls with the colored hair are a hoot.

  6. Love all the drawings. Especially when you added the color. I am enjoying bootkamp too.


  7. You are really doing masses of people!!! I love how you catch them in action. Happy Birthday to Uncle Harry. I hope he is doing well. It is great that you go visit. Happy sketching!

  8. Your drawings are always so full of life and energy! Wonderful!


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