Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CrEaTivElY SpEAkiNg by lYnN cOhEn

Each blog post picks up where my last drawing left off. So last Thursday, lunch at Tacos Jalisco,  I did this very fast drawing with a Uni Ball pen and colored it when I got home. (water soluble colored pencils) I find both very meditative to do.

 Friday found me drawing in Dixon at Starbucks. What a morning.  The woman below is also in the drawing above. First she was alone; the guys are in the back of the room; and later she was joined by two woman and two young men. I have no idea what their relationships to one another were. I painted this there!!!

To my right these two gals chatted away for quite a long time. While they did, a fellow who was doing wood carving at the same table we were at (a long table), came over to ogle my kit for colored pencils. It happened to be one I got at Dick Blicks so I turned him on to that source. He told me about selling art at Apple Hill Farms. It was a win-win for both of us. Artist meeting Artist!

These next two guys were chatting with each other. I have drawn the guy in the red hat there before, but only from behind. This time I got him full on! What fun.

Another young woman stopped by first to talk to the wood carver, and then by me and nodded asking if she could see my work. I showed her what I was drawing. She said "Cool!" That was fun.
I seldom get noticed by anyone so it was fun today when two people noticed me and wanted to see what I was doing. The best part was I was proud to show it. I didn't feel intimidated at all!
I've come a long way ...

Later we drove to Winters, and stopped for lunch at the El Pueblo Meat Market.
I had two fish tacos and a tiny cup of guacamole.
I also drew looking out the window at the First Northern Bank.
2nd time drawing it, but this time from indoors. A quickie done using my new calligraphy pens.

On the way home we stopped at Costco for gas; the prices are going UP again! So I filled up even though I wasn't on empty. It was 20 cents a gallon more today than yesterday. Makes no sense at all.
The line was long so I had time to draw the cars to the side and in front of me. I painted this in the evening at home.

We try to visit our Uncle Harry at least once or twice a month. He only lives an hour away. He's 96 and his memory is just starting to go, but he knows who we are and he is made so happy by our visits. It gives us such joy to be with him. Fred brought flyers from our visit to Europe of last fall. Harry was so interested in everything he had to tell him. Harry's hearing is quite poor so we used a white board and marker to converse. It beats yelling!

When we arrived Harry was in the "Activity Room" of his assisted living facility. He and his cronies were sitting around a long table drinking coffee and eating sweets. We were happy to join them, and it gave me an excellent opportunity to draw!

Everyone was quite chatty and friendly. We felt most welcomed. Shirlee has to be in her 90's and she was dressed in the coolest outfit. I'd loved her brightly colored plastic art deco earrings!

Some of the folks were further away and more pensive, but seemed engaged if in a quiet way.

We could even joke around with some even at the other end of the room!

I hope when I am this age nice people will come to visit me too!

It's just a little scary, when you count that everyone in the room either needed a walker or a wheel chair to get around. I guess by the time you are in your 90's you have pretty much put up your dancing shoes!

The next day we did our usual. Danced over to Starbucks for Fred's coffee and my drawing time. There were as many people to draw again, all standing in line for their drinks! A colorful lot they were too.

I'm a huge fan of Downton Abby, and over on my other blog, Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, we are drawing to a new theme (March 1-15) "My Fantasy Destination", anywhere I'd love to visit or revisit.

I chose the castle as it intrigues me. I understand a family lives there now and they do let tourists come through to admire it's splendor. I did a quick sketch. Do visit us at PPP & P and join us in drawing there if you are so inclined. There is a sign in form on the side bar!

I also watch The Voice, and try to draw the auditioning contestants, but they move about a lot, and the cameraman spends as much or more time focused on the judges ... but here are some of the hopefuls from this weeks show.

They don't all succeed. But the judges are very kind and ask people to return and try again. No one cries!

As you can see I had time to draw this week! I hope you did too. One can do this anywhere, anytime, with just a few minutes to spare.

Check out Danny Gregory's NEW Book, Art Before Breakfast for more ideas on how to do just that!

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See you here next week! Thanks for stopping by, your comments keep me drawing!

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  1. Great sketches Lynn!!! The ones from Uncle Henry's place made me smile. I want to be Shirlee when I grow up. lol My father-in-law just turned 94 and still loves to dance. He goes to dance class at his independent living facility twice a week. It is great that people are coming over and commenting on what you are sketching. That always makes it fun.

  2. Really fun to visit here and see the joy in your art. I really adore your senior home series. I hope you shared them with the people you saw there. So precious.

  3. Great seeing your week in sketches. Danny's new book is great.

  4. Fantastic sketches!! I think I just lost my comment!! I watch both of those shows and love them...wonderful how you captured the contestants!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I like seeing your week in sketches... it kind of feels like we could all walk into your life and it would all be very familiar... and that book is awesome isn't it...xx

  6. I was enjoying your post till you talked about gas prices hahahaha
    Great sketches, always fun to see and read the stories :oD happy PPF!

  7. It's always such a feast for the eyes when I visit your blog Lynn - you have so much going on - Your sketches keep getting better and you have been super busy this week - there are so many of them!!

  8. wonderful way of documentig life! I admire you!

    happy PPF!

  9. Gas prices will continue to go up. Blah!!! Excellent work Lynn. You have been busy. Full of life on this blog. Love it!

  10. You exhaust me! Love your visit with Uncle Harry and totally understand your thoughts. It isn't like when we were thirty facing a myriad of dreams and opportunities. But we can sketch as long as we have our precious sight.
    I invite you to visit my blog today. Your sketching has opened a new door for me. Thanks!

  11. Wow, it is amazing how many drawings you did this week! It is so fun joining you on your life's journey! It is amazing to see all of the different gestures and positions, and personalities! Great going!

  12. This must be a record! Such delightful drawings, Lynn. I loved seeing Uncle Harry and his retirement home friends. Also, I loved the bald headed guy in the hoodie.

  13. As usual, I enjoyed my virtual ride along with you through your lively illustrations. I used to sit with a pad by the TV and sketch the people that were on, but I haven't done it years. I may have just inspired me to try it again. Blessings!

  14. Gosh, I spent ages looking at your drawings.
    Fabulous to sit in Starbucks drawing people, I wonder if anyone ever objects? Interesting lady who kept being joined by different people. I enjoyed your stories about the people.
    Love Uncle Harry and his friends, Shirlee is wonderful.
    I also liked your drawing of the cars while you were waiting for petrol.

    1. Sheila, I have been drawing in public for about four years now. No one has ever complained (to me directly, and if they did to anyone else I am none the wiser). On the rare occasion someone might come up to me to see what I am doing, and almost always says something nice. Never any thing bad. I'm glad you enjoy my true stories. This is my life!

  15. Soooo many drawings in one week!! Wow, I'm very impressed! You're getting better and better. Love the little stories that go with each picture.

  16. I love your visual diaries. I feel like I have been there in Starbucks and the petrol station...the imagery is so lively and fun. I'm glad you like all things heritage like. My daughte is a historian who works in stately homes like downton. At the moment she is heritage manager at the beautiful abbotsford house home of the writer sir Walter scott . She is vet lucky!

  17. Your artwork is so full of life, culture, whimsy and character. I feel as though I've taken a journey with you and the folks at the ALF are a hoot, aren't they? I was an administrator of an ALF up until a few weeks ago and we had some interesting residents. Yes, it does help to laugh and joke around...and it doesn't hurt to have coffee and sweets while you're at it!

  18. My goodness you drew so much! I love hearing the stories that go with the drawings, you are wonderful! The fantasy castle is beautiful too.

  19. As always, I enjoy my visits here, seeing all your fantastic and expressive drawings ~ which tell their stories with or without your words. Just love 'em!

  20. Its very impressive how much you draw and how you use your sketchbook to capture your life. I really like the energy in the drawings, the way you have quickly recorded a pose or character. I wish I could do the same, but seeing this has inspired me to draw more this week!

  21. WOW - this post is jampacked with great work!! Love that you aren't afraid to work in public and to share your work with curious onlookers - Bravo to you!

  22. Lynn, your sketches are always fun, bringing a smile to one's face. I've noticed you have a theme going - tacos and/or Starbucks! hee :)


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