Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just A Couple of April Fools For Thirty (30) Years!

We can hardly believe ourselves that it was thirty years ago when we eloped, as stated in the announcement above, that we sent out to friends and family who received it on April Fools Day in 1985. When we got home the phone was ringing off the hook (phones were on hooks then, not flat things that fit in pockets) because they weren't sure if we were serious or not.

This is what we looked like then ...

Over the years we raised two kids, and traveled the highways and byways together up hills and into valleys and around the bends of life ...

This behavior continues till today, as just last week my "intrepid driver" took us to visit one of the kids and grandkids in Portland, Oregon. We are good traveling companions!

Sometimes we just enjoy hanging out at home in our recliners, reading, and drawing, or watching TV. My guy also sings and plays guitar, from our first date till now, something I enjoy
and never tire of (much).

We've gotten a little older, well, okay, a lot older ...

We've stuck it out through thick ...

... and thin (ner) ...
This is us today! Or just last week!

And I hope we get to keep holding hands for many years to come!
Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH.....Hope you have enjoyed today your special celebration. I can confirm that your guy is a wonderful singer...we were lucky to be the receivers of his wonderful singing when you visited us last year. Oh how I miss you from ann, graham and william (the lurcher) ;)

  2. Happy anniversary to you both. Hope to meet you soon again. Miss you! Hugs!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story... here's to many more wonderful years!

  4. What a wonderful story of life and love! Many many more and happy, healthy years together!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! You have a great love story and it works well. I love the photo of you in your younger years as well as the recent ones. Here's wishing you many more years of traveling together.

  6. A very happy anniversary to both of you! :) May you keep holding hands and going on adventures for many years to come!

  7. Happy anniversary!! You have such a great story!!

  8. Happy anniversary to such a cute couple.

  9. What a beautiful wishes to you both!

  10. Oh My you two are just adorable...and when you lost weight so has he....I have no idea how you both look younger but you do!!! Impressive!! Loved this post!! Much more happiness to both of you little love bugs!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  11. It seems you are a perfect match for each other! No Fooling!


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