Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome to MY Week where I draw Everywhere and EveryThinG!

 Okay, let's start this week at Starbuck's shall we? I know, I know, I go there so often. It's just a great place to draw people! They sit quietly for the most part, busy with what they are doing, so paying absolutely NO attention to what you are doing. I do hide a bit behind my backpack on my table drawing in my art journal behind this shield. And sometimes I just stay without a shield and drag out all my art supplies and spread them all over my table and still no one gives a darn! Really!

Of course if they are clear across the room or sitting with their backs to me it's even better, but I get tired of drawing backs ...

I made a collage of drawings I'd done of my Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi over the past few years, and a couple of photos, as the Celebration of Life is coming up in another couple of weeks. So I was thinking of them. L'Haim is Hebrew for To Life, but you probably already knew that!

Every Day in September is keeping me on my toes. I was to draw to the prompt "Egypt"! Luckily I had some Egyptian made paper on hand with this drawing on it so I copied it. I do fairly well at copying. It was fun to color too.

Then back at Starbucks on a different day! Boy, they were crowded on this day, and I tried to draw everyone in my line of vision I could get on the  page! I think I succeed pretty well too! Can you find Fred in line for his coffee? (blue baseball cap)

The next prompt for Every Day in September was "Flame"... well my mind works in mysterious ways and all I could think of was "Old Flames" mine, from Kindergarten on up! So here you have them. I hope if any of them are looking in here they will be pleased I remembered them and not be offended!

Six backs and one front at Starbucks! Long lines this day!

This I did for the "Goth" prompt at EDS.
Fun? I liked doing it. His hair was so interesting. Can you imagine making yours stick up like that?

It's really peaceful drawing at Starbucks. Some groups can get a little loud with their chatter, but mostly it's people being peacefully quiet.

This was for an ED in September prompt of "Head Wear"... Guess where I captured them? Yep, Starbucks and the Nugget market while eating lunch there!

Remember I told you my mind sometimes works in mysterious ways? Well the EDS prompt here was Impatiens (it's a flower, right? I knew that!) But my brain thought impatience. So that is what I drew, while most everyone else was drawing flowers!

Next prompt (EDS) was "Joker/Jack-the-Box" ... well speaking of boxes, I just went a little bit outside this one and drew Jesters (still starts with a J) and drew them off the announcements I sent out 30 years ago when Fred and I eloped to "make an honest couple of ourselves" ...

Next prompt (EDS) was "Knight"! I had fun with this one. Drawing from my imagination has a whole different look to it than my live people drawings or drawing from another picture. But I think even this is getting better. A ways to go, but better than when I first started! Anyway, here's my Knight in Shining armor and me in the castle! This was fun!

And then we celebrated the 11th birthdays of our twin grand children
over Sushi/grilled salmon dinner
gave them gifts,
which included art journals and colored pencils,
and my grand daughter at least whipped hers out
and drew right there at the table!
My grandson was watching the Patriots game on his dad's  iPad!

I drew these portraits of them from old photographs quickly on card stock and turned them into birthday cards ...

We have three grand children all born on September 10th! The last one is the second grand child, who turned 22 yesterday!

Happy Birthday Yael, Aaron and Kaeli!

And that is my week up to date from where I left off in the last blog post! I drew today at Barnes and Noble, but you'll have to come back next week to see that one!

Wishing you a CREATIVE WEEK, and a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL one!

Thanks for visiting and commenting if you like. I am encouraged to keep drawing by your words to me!

See you next week!


  1. I love visiting PPF on Saturday because I always get a surprise and today it is YOU! Your collage of Uncle Harry is wonderful. I see a bit of change in your style...are you using a finer pen? Whatever, always enjoy your posts.

  2. Lynn, I loved seeing your week in sketches. I got a kick out of the "Old Flames", your Egyptian prompt was great. At first thought I thought you were at a museum exhibit, that was until I read your words. You drawing always inspires me. Thanks for linking.

  3. good idea for the flame prompt :D

    I put my hair in Liberty spikes once, took forever couldn't imagine doing it everyday lol

  4. I like the page of sketches mixed with photos - very interesting one

  5. Always a feast for the eyes to visit you! Great sketches!

  6. It is always a joy to see your art. So much fun. I love all the little details you add.

  7. Your artwork is a treat! I love how you have the ability to bring out so many emotions in those you sketch and also those who view your work!

  8. All fun themes...and love your take on them... well done!! Three Sept birthdays...hmm,,,,must be someones late December birthday that instigated it all!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Well, the December birthday girl, my daughter, birthed the twins; but the older grand girls parents born April and June.

  9. First of all Happy Rosh Hashanah! You do so many people on each page...amazing! 3 grands all born on Sept 10th...yes, I know two are twins...but what was the chance they would be born on your other granddaughter's birthday. Fun sketches of everyone! I've been playing around with a lot of ink sketches. I've been taking the class with Marc Taro Holmes and love it.

    1. Thanks Joan for the Shana Tova wishes. Yes, the 3 grands birthdays are a hoot. Glad you are enjoying the Marc Holmes classes. See you at PPP&P!


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