Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Week Drawing Here and There and Everywhere

I've decided to let my drawings tell their own stories this week.
I do think most of them do a good job of it without further help from me (and I happen to be tired tonight and want to go to bed) Thanks for understanding.

 Did you know that eating carrots would help you see better in the dark?

"A brother from a different mother" was the prompt, but I changed it to "A brother from a different planet". I hope he doesn't get mad at me. I do love my brother!

Prompt: "Two peas in a pod".

 Met my friend Janet for coffee this week and she asked me to draw her!

 "The Cat's Pajama's" was the prompt for this one.

An assignment this week in Sketchbook Skool was to make an accordion book! This is mine.

And we ended the week there and here:

I wish you a creative, happy and healthy week! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments, as they really do inspire me to keep drawing!

Happy Paint Party Friday.

Stop over at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, join us in the current prompt there and a new one on the first of February.



  1. Looks like an interesting usual, loved the peek at your work!

  2. Lovely drawings and very interesting stories...

  3. Lynn,

    Lovely drawings this week, I liked making up my own stories.

  4. Great bunch of illustrations, Lynn. I loved the one about the brother from a different planet.

  5. If comments inspire you to keep drawing then I'll leave 100! Your sketches are fantastic! I feel as if I can hear the conversations between the people at Starbucks and B&N. Your figures are so well drawn. Happy PPF!

  6. I adore your sketches! Such great stories behind the pictures. I laughed so much with the "why are you breaking up with me?" one. lol terrific! Absolutely amazing! :D Happy PPF!

  7. Wow, you have a lot of sketches this week. I laughed through reading them and I don't think your brother will be upset. I listen to my two full grown sons and am amazed at how they talk to each other yet are inseparable. Actually that sketch reminded me of my boys. Great job and I really enjoying coming here and getting all the Starbucks gossip and the great sketches. Hugs, Rasz

  8. Lynn, your captions this week are hilarious! I still haven't made my accordion book this week for Sketchbook Skool. I was sick and my internet was unreliable! I did other Sketchbook Skool homework though!

    I so enjoyed your carrots holding a flashlight picture! FUNNY!

    Thank you so much for sharing again this week! You are an inspiration!

  9. Your art always brings a smile and like today a laugh. Your art brings joy and that is a very high compliment.

  10. always brings a smile to my face :) more great sketches

  11. Always wonderful human interest sketches here and love the one of your friend Janet ~ I think your work would make a great book or cartoon strip for newspaper ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  12. Most of your sketches made me think about own living. I really like your style.

  13. I love that Pelican, and wonderful sketches as always...


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!