Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Week of Twenty Five! I hope you have time to see them all!

My Drawing Week, which starts mid week, this time on a Thursday, began at the Barnes & Noble Café. I loved finding people in colorful garb to draw and color (with markers on tan paper!)

The red tables there help add color to the otherwise somber clothing!

Next day we got our taxes done and we waited at this Starbucks where I could draw some people inside (guy on left) and some people outside through the window (two guys on the left)

This guy came and sat outside and I could see him after the guy on the right, inside left.

Another day, another coffee house in another town. I was sure the women on the left were having a reunion of their 1960 high school friendships. The women on the right were newer acquaintances and were not catching up on old times, instead they were both on iPhones and sharing photos of grandchildren with each other. Or so it seemed.

The gal on the left reappears in my drawings a lot. Even this week. You'll see. The guy in the spotted pants came back the next day, as did we, and he was wearing the very same pants again. I was probably wearing the very same jeans again.

I'll let these people speak for themselves. Did you know I can read peoples thoughts?

It's a given there will be tons of folks on laptops and phones here, so this was a nice relief watching a mom helping her son doing his homework without either.

Here sits a grown man wearing a shirt with Mickey Mouse on it. You know he has to have a good sense of humor, right?

I just love it when people are so accommodating to sit as long as I need them to to finish a drawing of them. Thanks guy!

And some just like to be left alone.

These gals were not together, and were both just wanting to be invisible. So I did the best I could to accommodate that.

Every Day in March
a group for which I draw every day to a given prompt.
Prompt: Veggies:
Can you name them all?


Belongs to my husband. When I said bring me something in the house that is an antique he brought this downstairs for me to draw.


Something Close to You:

My art supplies are never far from my reach. This is a cloth container by MEAD. This one is filled with colored markers. I have another one full of a variety of pens, and a third one filled with colored pencils. They stand alone. And are inexpensive.


We can probably all relate to this at one time or another! I recommend a daily relaxation exercise. You can find one on your iPhone (if you have an iPhone) called "Calm". It's a free app.


"Monet's Garden"

Others did so many beautiful, colorful gardens in Monet's style. I just gave directions on how to get there.
This is the  Brand of non-dairy coconut milk I put in my morning smoothie!

If you have followed my blog for very long  you probably recall all the photos I have taken in the past of the burrowing owls that live in our town. So this prompt didn't take much thinking to decide what to draw.

And today we returned to the coffee shop and drew three more pages in my Cottonwood, tan paged art journal:

See, there is that same woman again I drew up above! She is there every day!

I love drawing in public coffee houses and eateries. It's become such a habit for me now.
It's second nature, and if a day goes by when I can't do it I miss it.

You all know  how enamoured I am with Sketchbook Skool, and how much I have learned there. Or hopefully, how the daily drawing habit I acquired since being a student there has perhaps improved my drawings over time.
One of the skools founders, Danny Gregory, has written a new book called
"Shut Your Monkey"
The monkey in question is the voice you hear in your head that tells you what you are doing is not good enough, or bad, or not as good as so and so's etc.
The book offers suggestions about how to curb (or cage?) your monkey!
I entered a drawing with my drawing (above)  to win a free autographed copy of his book.
If I don't win it I can buy my own copy at a bookstore
or get one on
You can too!
I own all of Danny's other books. They are all good!
That's it for this week.
Thanks for dropping by.
Thank you for your visit and thanks for comments when you leave them, as they really inspire me to keep drawing!
See you next week.


  1. I totally enjoyed everyone of your sketches. I love the humor of it too. You are very talented and a great inspiration.

  2. I always enjoy perusing through your fascinating people watching sketches and drawings. Blessings!

  3. Thanks for your amasing cafe-drawings. Your observation and drawing talents are great.
    Happy PPF and Easter time xx

  4. Wonderful drawings Lynn. My favorite is the first one.

  5. Love all the fun drawings from the coffee shops etc, you have really caught their expressions and feelings well. But my fave this week ist the 'night' painting, it just speaks to me. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. You have some great character in your style of sketching. I love the way your pen has danced across the page leaving such emotionally laiden marks. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Happy PPF!

    Best wishes,

  7. I just love your cafe drawings and how you make the people so realistic, and I love the way you can catch their thoughts, very clever, haha!
    I'm going to come back later and look more closely at each of your drawings and paintings.
    Monet's garden is fun too, what a good idea to draw it in this way.

  8. Love it when you add colour to your lovely sketches!

  9. Oh, Lynn, you have really given us such a diverse bunch of drawings to enjoy today! I love the addition of white to the drawings/colorings. I especially love the guy with the belly ordering all that cream. He's the guy with the white beard. Delightful post.

  10. Hi Lynn. I have always loved your book and still cherish your book. I like the color in your drawings and the people all with different looks doing their thing. Do another book on your coffees at B & N. It would be interesting. Happy Easter Lynn and take care.

  11. Wow - what a lot of drawings this week! I LOVED seeing them all. I think the owl is my favorite. I enjoyed reading all the things the people were saying and thinking ;) What a nice habit you have for drawing daily!

  12. What a fun-filled post! The tan paper really adds to the drawings well and complements the pops of color -- lovely!

  13. Great to see all your sketches from this very busy week you had. It is fun that some of the same people are at the coffee shop when you return. I think some of them must nearly live there. lol Great collection of sketches, Lynn. You are probably the only person I know that sketches more than me.

  14. Truly amazing! I love all the details and the lovely colours this week. Love all the characters. beautiful paper too! Happy PPF! Happy Easter!

  15. A good entertainment and laugh. I love your owl! :)

  16. So much fun! Adore the owl and the monkey cracks me up. YOU are a busy artist. xo


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