Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Drawing Klasses, Urban Sketching, and Every Day in April

As you know, or I said last week, a new klass has begun in Sketchbook Skool called Polishing. This week Koosje Koone is the instructor and she has us focused on Negative Spaces. I found a bunch in the stools at Starbucks. and so I drew a lot of stools starting with N.S. and working outward. They are ever much as wonky as though I'd drawn them my usual way of just drawing what I see.

A guy came in and sat on the stool I was drawing so I drew him too. (the bleed through is from Winsor and Newton Watercolor markers on the previous page)

Moving from stools to people I drew these folks standing in line for coffee ...

and them too.

Must be Friday as we went to lunch at the Mexican Deli in Winters and found this Chinese family enjoying a Mexican meal.

And then I drew another stool

Back at Starbucks on a different day the lines were long again ...

These folks are at a different Starbucks in another town on Sunday ...

I went there alone, and imagined this couple (probably married to each other) there to "meet up" for the first time as if "dating".
Just my little joke.

Obviously, I was thinking about the Warriors game so it snuck into my thoughts to give these guys something to talk about.

Same place and day. The guy on the left could not stop smiling while he was reading his book; the gal was writing letters on real stationary, and the other guy on the right seemed a bit down in the dumps.

Still yet another day and another Starbucks Café. Life goes on with smart phones!

Her lap top was the same color as those chairs!

Mid week, back we went. We almost ran out of gas on the way; but these folks were very laid back when we got there.

I have drawn all three of these women before. The blond especially comes here a lot. Sometimes with this woman friend and sometimes with her husband and another couple. The other woman was with a guy, but he got up and left for a while, which allowed me to see and draw her.

For Every Day in April I was to draw a zentangle. I did two. One in black and white and one with color: They are a very relaxing and meditative way to draw.

And last but not least
also for EDinApril
I was to draw a favorite pet in a wonky way.
I drew our Henry V who likes to go out in the rain and get wet (thus the fish); he catches birds and mice and likes bringing live mice into the house for us and for him to play with.

I drew a lot more this week, but I think this is enough for my "show" here. Besides I have to leave for work soon.

I am wishing you a CREATIVE WEEK; Enjoy every day to the fullest!

And thanks for coming by, your visits and comments keep me drawing!


  1. It would be such fun to sketch people when I am out and about but I fear they would take offense. You are great at it.

  2. So much going on in that journal of yours! Love all of the movement in there!!
    Happy PPF!!
    MiSchra ♥ #25 this week on PPF

  3. I look forward each week to seeing who you will feature in your marvelous sketches, Lynn. Thanks for letting us enjoy your visits with you. Wonderful work.

  4. I am always SO excited to see what you will come up with week by week and am never disappointed! lol Thank you for sharing your delightful artwork.

  5. Great drawings Lynn, love the cat. Happy PP Friday!

  6. Again some great variety, but the commentary gets me every single time... makes me chuckle.. I think because I am such a people watcher so this really appeals to me!! Good job as always! Glad you didn't run out of gas...that would be such a nuisance!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. you certainly know how to fill a sketchbook! Such amazing work,, the pet is adorable and the zentangle beautiful!I love the way you capture the everyday happenings and make them so interesting,, you have such a keen eye, if there was ever a wittness needed for a crime you would be amazing,, you don't miss a thing lol,, does that make sense,,lol,,

    1. Perfectly, thanks! I'll let the local police know I am available!

  8. It is good to get here and catch up on your sketches. I missed a lot while helping to care for my FIL who had cancer and needed full-time care until he passed away. I'm slowly getting back to checking blogs. As always I enjoyed your sketches and your comments. :)

    1. Thanks for coming by Joan. Sad to learn about your FIL, so sorry for your loss. My condolences to your husband as well. Hoping art helps you heal.


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