Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm A WINNER!!!!

I am the proud WINNER of a Paint Party Friday Blog Necklace!!!
Thank you for the opportunity to be in this group/link,
which has made me many, many artist friends over the years,
and to be inspired by their wonderful art on their blogs. I also
appreciate all their visits to my blog, which is paramount in keeping it alive!
You can reach that blog via the icon on my sidebar that looks just like the picture on my necklace!
I wear my beautiful necklace proudly!

My week of drawing began at Starbucks on a Monday when  there were very few folks there besides us. I only had this one couple to draw that day!

On Wednesday, the wall was full of folks to draw again, and I am sure by now you all recognize the gal on the far left. I must go back through my art journals and count how many times I have drawn her there!
There is a "ghost" of the guy from the previous drawing trying to get into her space on this page!

This young woman was very busy hunched over her large note pad and lap top!

Today, Thursday, we found ourselves at Barnes & Noble Café again. These two people were new to me. Both of them peeked at me a few times, but I still don't think they knew I was drawing them. Starring at them maybe, but not drawing them. Or perhaps they did?

I've seen both of these folks there before. I know I have drawn the guy.

Remember the "Cook Book Lady"? She was there and said hi to me. I couldn't draw her as she was sitting on our same wall and not visible for drawing. But receiving her greeting was like being recognized as "a regular" now.

This couple came in late, (right before I was really feeling ready to go) but I stayed to draw them anyway. I love drawing curves.
I'm still drawing daily for EVERYDAY in APRIL.

The prompt for this guy was "Emerge"; thus the gopher emerging out of his burrow:

Mid week we went to Bodega Bay. Oh, it was our Wedding Anniversary! I knew we had a good reason to go. It was a beautiful sunny day. I sat outside the car on the log railing to draw this scene looking over the ocean! Then we hiked up the headlands. We stopped to enjoy the wild flowers and to kiss our love in honor of 31 years of marriage and 38 years of being together! It's one of our favorite places!

Meanwhile, back at Every Day in April: Prompt: PJ's; and as we were drawing Stained Glass over at my other blog with Ann Hyde, Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens I turned them into Stained Glass print, pjs. Hop on this link to see what other artists are drawing there.

I just felt like drawing Bernie again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't have too much of "Feelin' the Bern!"

My newest most favorite tools are this large, fat Faber-Castel PITT artist pens.

"Message in a Bottle"
More and more I am enjoying drawing from my imagination!

You know who?

Sketchbook Skool is having its Second Year Birthday! I drew a cake showing all the klasses I have taken there and the one coming up on April 15, Polishing! If you want to sign up for the time of your life and join the SBS community click on this link: Sketchbook Skool


"Rabbit's Foot" = Wishes
Thank you for visiting my blog today and for your much appreciated comments
all that keeps me drawing!


  1. OOhhh congratulations!!! Lots of fun and interesting art this week.

  2. Congrats on winning the necklace. Love the cake you made for SBS. All your wonderful sketches make me smile.

  3. lovely sketches and congrats on the pretty necklace win.

  4. Congrats on winning the necklace!!!! Love your daily sketches of everyone's daily life.

  5. Gratulations for the win!
    Thanks for this weeks report and fantastic pictures. You are such a fab obserter and artist.
    Happy PPF xx

  6. Congrats!
    I really like your sketching style. Great art!

  7. Always such a great amount of sketches from you, and now starting to sketch from your imagination. That's cool and I'm sure it will add to your style. Congrats on the beautiful necklace,I'm a lucky one too.

  8. congratulations but you have always been a winner to me lol,,,
    thank you for sharing this weeks beautiful work,,

  9. Congratulations on winning. I love that necklace. We should all have one, tee hee. I love all your sketches, some so deep in thought like the girl with the puter and tablet. I always enjoy your work. Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully we'll get some rain, much needed rain as they say we are still in a drought, yet they keep releasing the water from the dams. Take care, good work and by the way, congratulations of your anniversary. We are right behind you, 34 years for us.

  10. Amazing the amount of work that you carry at once, I love the freshness of your drawings customs and daily life.
    Congratulations on your collar.
    Saludos desde España

  11. I enjoyed seeing your sketches of the places you've been and those from your imagination. Happy Anniversary!!!

  12. It couldn't have happened to a nicer, more talented artist! Happy Anniversary! :D

  13. You are winner for sure! Your art makes lots of different emotions. I like these feelings.


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