Thursday, February 9, 2017

THIS WEEK: Nine (9) Portraits and 37 People in Urban Drawings

Welcome to my art gallery of Nine Portraits from Sktchy (app for iPhone) photos:

I choose photos for the characteristics I find appealing in a photo, something that grabs my eye.
I am sure it was his red hair and beard that got me to draw "Paul".

I am using Copic Markers and I liked the challenge of her skin tones and shadows.

This young woman asked us to draw her and her boyfriend for his birthday.
She said she liked this one.

I made some egregious errors on this drawing, but saved it nonetheless. I have learned in SBS that there are no mistakes and was happy with the outcome once I "fixed" them.

She had a spunky attitude and wonderful hair to draw!

I liked her red hair and lips in contrast to her green eyes. And I also had to fix some errors.

This one went more smoothly. I loved the blue streak across her face.

Again, a painted face drew my attention here, but I age regressed the woman in the photo to that of a little girl.

I continued to draw all week long in coffee shops using my sticker conversation balloons for added fun.

Some times I just add my own dialogue directly to the page.

And sometimes I make my own voice balloons and cut and paste them to the page.

They were obviously talking to softly for me to hear.

But be sure that I am making up these conversations.

They really did pray before they ate their lunch.

He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I pretended I was drawing someone else. He left quickly.

I had a good week drawing. I hope you did too. Thanks for coming by and thanks for any words you leave me. They always encourage and inspire to me to keep drawing.
Wishing you a Creative Week Ahead!


  1. Your portraits are just awesome and expressive. Love all and favorites are Chris and Happy couple. Coffee shop sketches are fun as always. Thanks for a smile 😁
    Happy PPT and week ahead ❤

    1. Thank you Sirkkis, I'm always happy to know I can make someone else smile!

  2. I liked the praying people you captured them fabulously.
    Happy PPF

    1. Oh good! Thanks Sandy, glad you liked that one!

  3. I have always loved your down to earth sketches, Lynn, but I will have to say that the portraits really are amazing. You have got a great talent there. The skin tones are wonderful. I hope you will keep showing portraits even after 29 faces is over.

    1. Thank you Faye! Glad you enjoy all my art! I don't believe it's talent! I believe it's practice! The more I draw the better I get at seeing and creating! I'm not doing 29 faces, as you can see I'm st 150+ now! I have no intention in stopping anytime soon. I'm so enjoying my two different styles of drawing now! The free form in public people and the drawn from photos on Sktchy app portraits! Both are fun for me. Copic markers are responsible for those good skin tones!

  4. So many people, Lynn!!!! You are really on a roll!

  5. These are so joyful and comedic with all the commentary...such a joy to read!! Great variety of faces. The guy who knew you were drawing him...that was funny and the girl that wanted the birthday fun!! You are truly capturing the essence of this generation too!! The haircuts all the different styles... really a fun read!! Good job Lynn!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love your slice of life drawings!


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!