Monday, June 25, 2012

Life Figure Drawings by Lynn


The drawings on this page are from Life figure drawing sessions I attend at UC Berkeley campus once or twice a month. I started at the end of 2014. I will continue to post them on these pages, rather than on the front page of my blog, as some people find them offensive and I do not want to turn anyone away from my blog and other art.

 I will add new drawings at the top of these drawings after each new Figure Drawing session.

 I hope you will find them to your liking.
I welcome all comments. Thank you.

The following 20 photos of my drawings #66-#46 were all done January 25, 2015 at Fort Mason, in San Francisco, Art Marathon. Done in the order backwards #66 to #46 are 2, 10 and 20 minute poses, done over a period of six hours. This is my fourth Life Drawing session to date. Enjoy.
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#67-#75  I drew at the Marin College Marathon on November 15, 2015

These are the first life drawings I have done since January 2015. The male figures were one and two minute poses, thus very contour. The women were five and ten minute poses. So time for a bit more detail. I actually filled about 30 pages of my sketch book so these are just a few of them I did that day. I also met two new Klassmates from Sketchbook Skool there and there were four of us East Bay Sketchers there.



end of Marin College Art Marathon drawings























December 6, 2014 session:



January 10, 2015 session:

#41    and   #42                                          2 minute poses

#39       and      #40                                     2 minute poses

#38 20 minute pose  Dec 6 2014

#37 2 minute pose

#36 2 minute pose

#35 five minute pose

#34  5 minute pose

#33 2 minute pose

#30  20 minute pose

#29  10 minute pose

#28 5 minute pose

#27  10 minute pose

  20 minute pose

#25 25 minute pose

#24  5 minute pose

#23   2 minute pose

#22 2 minute pose

 2 minute pose
Second session: December 6, 2014




End of Nov. 8th session:



First Session: November 8, 2014













These are my very first attempts at life drawing, ever! Hopefully, over time I will improve, that is my plan and hopefully practice will bring it to fruition over time.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ann. I am excited to watch my own growth in this area. Thanks again for your help setting up this page.

  2. Wow nice job Lynn...excellent ....still your style yet evolving even more!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I have so enjoyed watching your art grow. These are amazing...however it figures, if you can draw them with clothes, you can do them without. However you have captured the grace of the movements beautifully.

  4. Lynn I really like your style of drawing and it is best in your 2 minute drawings (in my opinion)
    They have something of Egon Schiele about them, whom I like very much.
    Fantastic opportunity to go to such a class on a regular basis!

    1. Maybe you should place your comment box on the top of your page, I almost lost hope to find it! ;-)

    2. I'm not sure that's possible about moving the comment box but I'll investigate. Thanks for that input. You are the second person to mention similarity to that artist! Wow. And yes the 2 minute ones don't leave time to ponder much, you just dive in and do it. I like those too!

  5. Good for you that you are sketching something new!!! Life drawing is a lot of fun. Nice that you found a location to take classes. Nice graceful sketches with good lines. All your practice is making you bolder with your lines.

    1. Thanks Joan. I'm not taking classes however. There is no instructor or instruction. Just a model. we pay $4 to sit for 3 hours and draw her/ him. Amazing really, a gift!

  6. Still true to your style and developing from the 1st thru the 44th. I admire your commitment to try new things and grow in your art:-) Fun to see.

    1. Thanks Minnemie, I do keep trying new things in art and I am loving doing life drawings!

  7. Super Just love jeslous we dont have anything like this here currently.

    1. keep looking, glad you like these, thamks for visiting!

  8. silly blogger or my ipad wouldnt let me type more

  9. It was wonderful to see how your art improved along the way. I admire your dedication.

  10. I've just come across this series of yours. Wow......lots of great work here, and fascinating since I have never been to a life drawing class and don't see many people naked! LOL ....but you really manage to capture some lovely lines!

    1. Thank you Amanda, so glad you found your way to these pages.


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