Friday, August 24, 2007

Just back from the quilt shop where a woman helped me cut and sew the backing for my quilt. And showed me how to pin the top to the batting and back. Now it is ready to sew/quilt. But my back hurts from what I've done already today. Might do a little sewing, as I can't stay away from it. More on Sunday.
Thank goodness for all the helpers at the shop. And for the huge tables to lay things out on. I have nothing, not even floor space to lay this thing out fully on. They said I could come back anytime to get help.
And it's FREE. I did buy $10 worth of safety pins as I ran out of the ones I had.
See the pins! See the backing that is supposed to look like sea shells. (far right) And see the batting (middle layer/white) hanging down below the boarder.
It will be cut off after all the quilting is done.

The new gardeners I just hired did a bang up job of cleaning my yard(s). I sent an email and a letter of termination to the former gardener!They obviously did nothing but mow and blow as I had to pay the new guy $350 to clean up the place. Did I not just do that to the last gardener? YES I DID!I will keep a closer eye on things this time. I will. It's nice when folks do what they agree to do at time of first hire.

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