Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another day, another quilt!

Last night I sat and sewed the binding onto my #1 quilt and now it is done! What an accomplishment. I pointed out to my husband all the little puckers and stitches that show, and he so encouragingly pointed out that there were hundreds of women/people who could not do what I had done! I argued that there was a world full of quilters far more talented than I, and he again pointed out that there were tons who weren't. So I finally had to accept that I'd done darn well for a beginner and be done with it. I do like what I accomplished (with all it's imperfections) and am proud of myself! Then I got more green foam and went on line to look at frog feet. Then I cut out frog feet for my grand kids frog costumes and then I added lighter green paint to them. Now to figure out how best to adhere them to the bottoms of the pants, or to the tops of the socks as DH suggested. And now I have also been quilting on the top of quilt #2. There's a ways to go on this big one. But I shall persevere. I did go out and buy the needed "plastic template" sheet for the next floral quilt. I am very excited about doing my "homework" for that class (two weeks from last Saturday). And I realized some green scrap fabric from quilts #1 and #2 will work well for leaves on this next quilt. It's a good day when I feel I've accomplished so much. I also got the Epsom printer for future labels on quilts, as I believe it was in Karen's blog that I learned the ink is one that will not wash away as my HP ink does. Thank you Karen for that tip. Got an all in one at Target on sale for $59. Wishing you all a very good day!

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