Friday, September 7, 2007

Birthday Capes

For the past two years I have made birthday crowns for my two twin grand kids. This is a "family tradition" from when their mother was a child and I made birthday crowns for her early birthdays. This year said daughter said they'd do an art project at the kids party in the park and let all the kids make their own crowns. They are turning three and can do this now themselves! So I came up with the idea of sewing birthday capes instead! "Super Boy" and "Super Girl" capes with the insignia being a heart with the first letter of their names in the center of the heart. They can identify these letters as "theirs" now. Then I made big 3's and a cake with 3 candles to applique on to the backs of the capes on either side of the hearts/letters. Grand daughter's cape is a pink fabric with sparkly white snow flakes and sliver sparkles all over it, and the heart and 3 are on dark rose with lady bugs and bees print. The cake is some Mexican looking cloth in stripes like a layered cake, and the candle flames are yellow fleece. (Left over from their butterfly rug, my first reason for needing a sewing machine and how all this sewing got started in the first place!) Grandson's cape is on bright striped cloth with dark green heart and the letter 3 in the striped material again. I have yet to do his cake and 3. After they are sewn I sewed them to the back tops/shoulders of T shirts. My thought is this way nothing need go around their necks (a possible hazard while running and playing). I hope they won't be too heavy to pull the shirt necklines up under their chins. They can tuck in their shirts and be just my hope anyway. The party is tomorrow and I am looking forward to giving them their capes along with their other gifts! It will be a very fun day!


  1. My goodness! You whipped those out so fast! Wasn't it just yesterday you were *thinking about* capes?

    They are just darling!

  2. Yes, I did hers last night and his this morning. Just winged it. Got lucky. Glad you like them.


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