Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Charlie Horses from standing too long?

I just finished cutting eighty-one 2 1/2"X 42" strips of batik and other thicker cotton for my "office quilt", plus eight strips for outer boarder and eight strips for binding. I was going to stop at 10 PM. I stopped closer to eleven. I think I started around 9:15. I only have one more piece of fabric to cut into nine strips! But decided to wait till morning when my feet started cramping. This does not bode well for a good nights sleep. Is this a common problem or is just my feet? Tomorrow I'll start sewing strips together in threes and then cutting them into six inch squares. I am going to mix up the colors. The WIQS (woman in quilt shop) helped me pick out light, medium and darks in each color group. (Three shades of turquoise-dark blue, 3 shades of light green to dark green, 3 shades of light peach/rose to dark ruby rose). Well one of the "blue strips" has rose in it and green too so why not mix it with rose strips some times and with greens sometimes and with blues sometimes? Did she mean the three related shades had to be in one square only? I know I can do this anyway I want to ... right? Yes, okay! Right! I will. I'll let MY EYES be the judge of how to put the colors together!


  1. Yeah, I think you can mix and match. And if you're not supposed to, too bad. It's YOUR quilt.

  2. It's YOUR quilt, there is no right or wrong. Enjoy and have fun! I bet you will make a fabulous job of it.
    Have faith in yourself, it will look lovely :-)

  3. Thanks Kelly and Elizabeth for your support. I am mixing these colors up all over the place.It will be one huge flower garden. At this stage of my quilting "career" everything I do is an experiment.
    Starting to get excited about this.


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