Monday, September 3, 2007

What do you do when you finish a quilt?

What do you do when you finish a quilt? You rush down to the local quilt shop, show off your finished project, and then you buy fabric for the next quilt! That's what I did when I ...well, you get the picture!

The photo here is of a new chair in my office and the fabrics picked out for an office quilt. I need it to cover another older high back chair.
The new area rug has the greens and blues in it. The roses go with this pillow and my other chair. It will work.

The woman/owner/teacher at the store was very, very helpful. I went in with one idea and came out with something totally different.
She taught me how to match colors and to pick different "levels" of them. I'm not sure if level is the right word. I needed darks, mediums and lights in each color group. I came out with three different color groups with a total of nine fabrics and a tenth for the boarder, which my pattern did not have, but she decided would make it nicer. I LOVE the color we decided on for the boarder~ The majority of the fabrics I am using are Batiks.

This will be my biggest quilt to date (given I've only made three). The Fish being the largest till now. This one will be a good ten inches longer and just a bit wider than that one.

I also set up my new computer at work. Tomorrow will be like going into a whole new office. New computer, new chairs, decor etc. and the promise of a new quilt in the making! Onward!
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  1. Whee! I love the palette for this quilt. It's going to be lovely.

  2. Thanks Kelly. The woman in the store really took over when it came to picking out fabric. But I am learning...colors/values. Then I want to be able to do this myself and make whatever I pick work.
    I already have ideas for mixing up the colors in some blocks...blues and greens together not just blue squares and green squares. Rose and blues/Rose and greens etc. You get the idea. It has to be MY CREATION. My next baby!

  3. I love the colors!

    The picture you asked about was taken out my back window--pretty, huh? (I live on the east side of the Central Valley in CA.)

    Thanks for all your VERY kind words on my blog! The words in the self-portrait are what I've (unconsciously) struggled against my whole life--my mom used to tell me that when people knew what I was really like, they wouldn't think I was so great. I really internalized that message--that there was something very very wrong with me...

    The quilts you asked about are app 6" x 8". Just something to work on while Jenny's falling asleep.

    I have Epson All-in-Ones with durabrite inks. the all-in-ones are scanners/copiers/printers, and can even copy without a computer. My cheap one cost $60. Not a bad deal!

  4. Very exciting, starting a new project, and the colours are lovely. I'm glad the woman was helpful, and hope she didn't take over too much. I shall very much look forward to seeing it in progress.

    I still can't believe that you have 'only' made 3 quilts... they are great. Your quilting is excellent.

  5. Yep, one small wall hanging, two nursery school sized mats and the Fish Quilt. Now on to this even Bigger quilt...with rails. I went to Gee's Bend web site and got reaffirmation (besides yours here or on top of yours here) to go with my rails/strips anywhich way my heart sends me.


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