Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lunch today was clam chowder and sour dough french bread in the car over looking the ocean before getting out an hiking up to the headlands. We stopped earlier in the town of Bodega Bay and saw the quaint shops, church, and school house (where Birds was filmed).
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  1. ach, i got confused and had to create a new password. I hate it when they want a LOOONG one.
    Bodega Bay, huh? i remember my days at Stinson, Bolinas, Jenner, Tomales, etc. lovely area. I bet it was fresh and lovely.

  2. OK, i'll try again. timeless prose is being lost as I click on incorrect things. however, i am not giving up!

    GREAT photos, so beautiful, loved the knitting books one! how in the world do you put them on? and in collage form like that?

    I live 20 minutes from the beach and know the backroads to get into town... just the traffic alone is a disincentive unless one is well-versed in alternate routes. San jose gets DArn HOT!! people want to escape to Santa cruz...

  3. Lisa, you made it in! I'm new to blogging too so just be patient with yourself. You are learning the ins and outs and doing just fine. I appreciate your words.

    Yes, it was a beautiful day. A bit windy but not cold at all. Okay a bit cold but my new barn coat kept me warm.

    The photos are uploaded from Picasa and it is there that I am allowed to create collages of photos. It's easy. And then I can blog them directly from Picasa too. How the computer knows how to do all this is beyond me, but I enjoy the magic of it all.
    Also, if you double click on the photos they open large to see more detail!

    Oh, only 20 minutes from the beach!
    That would be grand. Glad you know the backroads! Go often, its healing/soothing/renewing!


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