Sunday, September 2, 2007

September marks the 29th anniversary of when my husband and I met! We celebrated with a jaunt to one of our favorite date spots.
We met in a pub in Berkeley, CA, The Starry Plough. We started dating about two weeks later and never stopped.

Our walk today along the headlands and sitting over looking the ocean reminded me of those early dates. Also my DHs singing all the way there and all the way home reminded me of our very first date at the Renaissance Faire when afterward we walked along the Berkeley pier and he sang Farewell To Tiwathe to me. He had the sheet of words in his back pocket! We left 98F weather at home to be in the 60's near the ocean. It was heavenly.
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  1. Gorgeous day and wonderfully captured in your photos. I love that one with the sun sparkling on the water so brightly.

  2. Awwwh! Lovely! Great photos too. Congrats to you both :-)


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