Saturday, September 1, 2007

Three sides down one to go.

The binding is on the quilt with just one side needing to be hemmed by hand left to do. I did three sides tonight...couldn't wait. Will finish tomorrow.
Will take photos then. Too tired to do much else tonight. No more sewing. Back sore.

Did major cleanup and shopping for my office today.
New furniture there looks nice, new area rug and pillows all bright. Almost makes one look forward to going to work again...but not till Tuesday. Glad for the four days off. Will attempt to relax tomorrow. Unless we stay home and then I may attempt to make a cover for a new seat pillow for my office. Trying to copy an old one. What is this new found talent. I haven't sewn in years and years. When my kids were young I made clothes for them. And for myself too. Then of course there was "Jean Ware" in the 70s. Once I even sold some on Telegraph Avenue. Skirts, hats, vests, jackets, purses all cut from old worn jeans.
I guess some things linger in the brain, it comes back to you.
Good night.
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