Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rails Quilt top #1 in a series

Quilt top sewn together
The finished quilt will be around 46" X 58 "

You may recall that I started out making a huge quilt (70.5" X 94.5") and cut out enough squares to do that. But I was not at all happy with how the colors came together.
So I made a decision to make three smaller quilts using all the squares already cut and sewn (into six inch squares/rails).
This is the first one. The squares are all sewn together so there is no going back. The border is just laying there for now on two sides.
The top is not yet quilted. That's next. I think I will just "stitch in the ditch" on this one. Nothing fancy. Let the rails make their own design(s).
There are a few duplicated "mini patterns" in this design of my making. But not an over all pattern. The only thing I did that followed a pattern at all was to cut out strips and sew them into the blocks. I did not follow QT (quilt teachers) instructions for lining them up according to color values. And that probably shows! But I am learning and determined to play with it until it suits me, not a cookie cutter version of someone else's idea of what a quilt should look like. (With due respect to my teachers and all those who know way more about quilting than I'll ever know)
I will probably finish this one (maybe tomorrow) before I start the next in the series.
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