Saturday, September 15, 2007

The top is finished

The borders are sewn on!
I like it!
Tomorrow, batting, and quilting!
This is my second large (throw size) quilt.
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  1. Whoooosh! This is lovely and made so quickly. You are clever! Do you like the quilting bit? I think i used to like it more than piecing sometimes :-)

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for coming in and for your comments about this quilt. Yes, I enjoyed quilting the top of the Fish Quilt, my first large piece.

    I am tried right now/back sore/arms sore from piecing three quarters of #2 quilt in this series. It's two rows larger than the first one, and has some interesting squares where I used up my scraps/leftover fabric. You'll see.

    I decided to do it before finishing the other. Didn't want to leave the house. So have been at it since I got up around 7 this morning. (Whoosh, six hours plus. No wonder I am sore! LOL) Silly me. But I am having fun. I like to see the end product so I hurry along.

  3. Lynn, three? And I imagine each will be similar but different. Perhaps you will display them close to each other - a quilt triptych?

  4. Wow, you are moving along so quickly! I love this one. I too like the small a variety of size, which gives more interest to the design. Neat.


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