Monday, September 17, 2007

Second quilt top finished

Quilt #2 in series (of maybe just 2)
Center without borders yet.
I like the squares with the narrow stripes.
Good use of my left over scraps!
Yesterday I went to the quilt shop to "show off" my completed tops. My teachers eyes nearly popped out of her head she was so surprised. Up until then I had been complaining that I couldn't bring the pieces together and now I had...finally. She liked them. The tiny narrow stripes got rave reviews too. I call them my "Gees Bend/like Squares". I got fabric for backing for both on sale for $4 a yard! What a deal. And more border fabric for the second quilt. I need to wash it and then I'll be busy sewing again. The second quilt is very green and will have a green leaf backing. The first quilt is predominately rose with greens and blues and I got fabric with all those colors in very small squares that look like brush paint strokes.
I have enough squares left over for a six rows by six rows of 6" squares. Am thinking of cutting them up like the narrow striped squares and making something with that. A small wall hanging maybe or a pillow top? Ideas churning.
I had to come home and take out two squares one on each quilt. The #1 had a stripe that made a "star" look like something else and needed to be turned around. I did that. The second had a square that was too big and made puckers and that came out too and was trimmed down to be returned for a smoother look. That's why we need teachers. They point out the flaws and people like me who might have just left it didn't and got a nicer outcome.
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  1. A second quilt top? Oh, wow. You are so ambitious and energetic, I can't stand it. This one is perhaps even more beautiful. Do they all go in your office or where?

  2. Their destinations are not yet determined. Some may be gifts. We'll see. If the roses quilt isn't too hard I may make two of those, one for home and one for office. It's so old fashioned looking. Wait till you see.

    I spoke with my mother in law by phone this weekend. She said: "You know what is hanging on the wall here? (nusring home room) The beautiful appliqued bird houses you made for me." It's great that she remembers this (she has moderate dementia) and I am so pleased she is enjoying it. (Can be seen in very early posts here).


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