Monday, September 10, 2007

Sacred Life

I have joined the "Sacred Life" bloggers. I just want to say that the "art" I am attempting to create is my "sacred work" today and tomorrow and all the days that follow, as it feels special coming from some inner part of me. Even when the place feels stuck and ungiving or displeasing to my eye. It's a challenge to create and hopefully in turn to please. I wonder if this latest quilt piece is the hardest so far because I am making it for myself? Other earlier quilts were made with love for others. Hum? Okay, I hear you, love myself the same as I love those others (and maybe the spirit will flow the same as it did for those pieces and for them).


  1. Beautiful quilt, Lynn. Welcome to the Sacred bloggers!

  2. Thank you Angela!
    It's not really a quilt yet. It's more a quilt in the gestation process.
    My cousin Judy suggested I might have several smaller quilts going here rather than one large one.
    I rather like her idea.
    I have enough squares to make five wall hangings or small lap throws.
    As I am having difficulty bringing all the chosen colors together.

    Something(s) will be born of this.
    Be patient.

    As for my sacred life thoughts today: I woke up feeling alive and well and grateful for another day!
    And although the flowers in my summer garden are all spent I will find a photo to show life from my collection.


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