Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Woke up feeling alive and well and grateful for that!
It's 9/11.

I got out my black letters on gold pendant that says "War in not healthy for children and other living things" circa 1969. Feels right today too. I like Annie's blog with the sign that says: "Wage Peace!" A client is leaving for Iraq on Monday. I hope he'll be safe. He looked proud in his spanking new ironed camoflague fatigues. It made this war all the more real for me. I pray for peace and safe return of our armed forces!
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  1. Lynn--Welcome to My Sacred Life! That's what got me here this morning: Carla lists all the new signups each day.

    I love the pendant from the 60's. I, too, have mementos from that era, all with the same sentiment expressed.

    The only way I know to support not only our troops, but the people of Iraq, as well, is to get out of their business. As has been proven several times since this insanity began, we need our troops at home to do what troops do in peacetime: help our own citizens in need.

    And, the Iraqis will only truly be self-determining if they are left to their own devices. I don't doubt that it will be ugly for some time, but we cannot be their much-resented big brother forever.

    Sorry for so many words, but I needed to say them!

    Again, welcome.

  2. War is not healthy for children and other living things. That's a truism. It would be my wish that the U.S. could offer humanitarian aid in Iraq rather than fighting and guns. I don't know if there would be room for that aid right now, however. But I wish we would offer a hand rather than a gun.

  3. We had that poster on my bedroom door in 1968. I hope that sentiment is making a come-back.


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