Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Draw Draws to An End

Approaching the end of the "Big Draw" and ready to enter "Be Creative Everyday".
I sketched this off a brochure that came to my office in today's mail. Not bad for a beginner, beginner, huh?

I also free motion sewed on my quilt today. A few more squares are done. Butterflies and a fire fly are added to the mix of "hearts and flowers". Am I having fun yet? You betcha!
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  1. Well for someone who didnt think they could join in this BD month you sure did good. I am so happy you tried and stayed. KUDOS
    Love this drawing.

  2. YEAY! Very good drawing!

    Well Done On completing a full month of The BIg Draw! What a success! See you tomorrow in the A.E.M. :-)

    Fun, fun, fun....

  3. This is very funny. The big draw is over and we are sad. Hmm. Guess we need to stop in a Lynn's place and get some therapy. :)

    Love the freestyle sewing on the quilt. I hope you post is when it is completed so we can see it's true glory.

  4. I don't have time to comment on much this morning but HAD to let Suki know she got me laughing so hard tears ran down my cheeks this morning as I am getting ready to go into work.

    I didn't 'get it' at first and then I DID!

    And can you even imagine I wouldn't post the completed quilt?
    My head may be too big by then to get inside the blog, but I'll do my best to bring it to you!

    Thanks for all the kudos. You gals keep me going big time!

  5. "Not bad for a beginner, huh?"

    Pretty damn terrific for a beginner if you ask me!

    Enjoy Art Every Day!

  6. Okay Bad Faery! I hear you!
    Thanks...a lot...gulp...whew...

  7. Oh Suki.. What a hoot. LOL
    As for the big head fitting in the blog... that visual got me tickled. ;-)


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