Monday, October 29, 2007

Art in my Day

The painting above is by an unknown (to me) artist. It hangs in the German Bakery where I had lunch again today!
I saw the license plate on my way to work today...a good omen!
I did the above sketch today too!
Now can I go quilt?


  1. I like your drawing. I like that you do things around you.. Good job.
    I like the painting too. and for sure a good omen on the licence plate. ;) What's the odds of it being in YOUR town??
    Happy quilting. Hows it coming?

  2. 1. Thanks Cris. The plant rack is on by my back door outside, it was my mom's when she was alive.

    2. The women in the painting reminded me of our group here a bit.

    3. Odds? This town has a lot of quilters! I followed this woman's car another day just to see if I knew or recognized her. I did not. I hope she doesn't think I am stalking her now with my camera!

    4. It's coming along nicely thanks. I quilt until my eyes go blurry. About an hour and a half to two hours is all I can do at a sitting on this part. That's an average of two squares. (Maybe exaggerating on the time spent).

  3. You never need permission to go quilt, but since you have done your homework.... ;-)

    Nice drawing by the way! And I love your handbag... I can see why you get compliments on it all the time :-)

    I have been trying to email you since last Thursday, when you left a comment about being intimidated by my sketches. Unfortunatley it keeps getting bounced back to me. Can you email me with your email??


  4. Eliz. I could if I had your email. I'll go see if I can find it on your blog.

  5. Well your state is a big State and to have it in your town it must be a quilting B heaven. ;-)
    I like that about the painting reminding you of our group a bit.
    And the plant rack is something special you drew too. I hope you keep up the drawing after this month is over. I like your drawings. I see you joined the art a day month thing too. Good I think we all did. I hope to get my painting done next month. been putting it off a bit due to lots of work outside and drawing but I dont want to quit the drawing. I'll just have to paint alot too.

  6. HiyaThere are 2 ways... here's the first.

    If you go to my blog page, underneath the picture of Sheepy in the right hand column you will see a bit saying 'About Me' and then "My Complete Profile". Click on that and then on my profile page, on the top left I think, you will see "Email me".

    If that doesn't work let me know and I'll go to option 2 :-)

  7. Liz, I already tired that one, please send me option #2.
    Cris, thanks again!

  8. Did you carve all those pumpkins??? Wow kazow!

  9. My daughter and SIL had friends over on Saturday with a total of ten little kids. The parents cut out the pumpkin faces and the kids help scoop out the seeds and pulp. It was a really delightful day.

  10. Very fun liscense plate. Don't you wish you'd gotten there first? I like the painting very much, a primitive sort of style. They don't seem to be communicating to each other though.

    Nice to draw the plant stand to commemorate in a way your mom.


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