Friday, October 12, 2007

Big Draw #7...Dolls from Around the World

These are dolls I've had for a long time. I did not make them, I bought them at different times.

I imagine my grand kids will take them home one day.

This is Big Draw #7 for me. What do we do when the month ends? Stop drawing? I think not, I have just begun. (I like coloring my pictures. It reminds me of coloring when I was a kid.)


  1. This drawing is just so cute. I too don't want to quit this daily drawing. You're on drawing seven so your behind four days because you got in later..Elizabeth hasnt had time to do her drawings justice like she wanted. so I think we DO need to keep it up. I am learning to see so much. I have wanted to do this forever but on my own I didn't keep it up. I love it that you are hooked. I am too.
    I saw on my home page a few days ago that somehow Accountant got put on as what I do. I had no idea how that happened. It now says ART. Maybe those paper gremlins are messing with my computer too.. LOL
    Now for me to find my next drawing. Thats the hard part for me. arrgh.

  2. This is so cute ... Cris is right! i really like the yellow, and their jolly friendliness! Very nice.

    I am DEFINATELY going to keep going with the drawing, every day if possible... I feel like I am just warming up!
    I love how we all are chatting away and supporting one another too. It is very positive :-)

    Make Art Not War is my new mantra!


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