Friday, October 12, 2007

Sharing my MISTAKE!

I have to share the big mistake I made today on my HOMEWORK for tomorrows quilting class. And how I made it work for ME! We were to make an "Ohio Star Square". (I'll post it tomorrow after the class with what I made instead when it's done.) But for those not in the "quilting know" (I'm just learning all this stuff myself mind you) it's a square made up of small (4" and 5" squares and triangles). Okay, first you need to understand that I have next to no abstract vision. Not sure what it's called even. Abstract thinking maybe. I can't see in my mind how to turn the pieces to make them come out like they should according to the pattern. Maybe it's just called "dumb". But never mind. Patternly challenged might be more politically correct. Whatever its called I don't have it. supposed to be "Ohio Star Square" is anything but...However, I see a dancer in it! And tomorrow when I am taught to free style sew my hope is my "dancer" will have a head and face and G-d knows what else to make her dance all over Ohio and any other state in the union or world she wants to dance in! I do like dancing to my own drummer as I have said before here. Just had to share that! Now I guess, that done I ought to go draw something. The roses can wait until Sunday since I've been working at quilting project (homework) all day today!


  1. Some of the BEST art has come from mistakes. It makes one get real Creative. I cant wait to see it.
    Oh and congrats on understanding my muddled instructions and getting the logo and award on your post. If someone can understand me they are keepers. Grin.
    Love the location on your home page. LOL

  2. Thanks Cris for your continual support. And I do like making lemonaide out of lemons. It works.
    That location thing was really a mistake regarding not bothering to change it. But it is funny. I think I'll leave it and confuse a few.

  3. Dear afghanistan resident,

    did you know quilting has been banned for the general masses, and now can ONLY be practised by those who are Patternly Challenged! So your luck is in ;-)

    Yours sincerely,

    resident of Planet Lizzi

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL Lizzi you keep me in stitches, which is very good for a patternly challenged sew-er!
    (I just realized that sewer is not the same as a sewing person! Oy!)
    My sewing just went down the drain!

  5. errors are art:) You are a very creative person!!!
    Have fun

  6. Errors are art...errors are art...error are new mantra. Not sure the quilting teachers will understand this. But I decided today that I am learning the "so called right way to do things there" and then when I have that down I can do it MY way!
    Errors are art...errors are art...errors are art...Ohmmmmmmmm.


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