Friday, October 12, 2007

Lynn's Work Space(s)

This sewing area is a small corner in a small bedroom upstairs, where I also sleep. The sewing machine sits on my grandparents' card table. The ironing board is my "work/cutting table". The closet holds my "stashes" of bins of yarn, shelves of books [knitting, crochet, quilting, applique, etc.] stacks of fabrics too.

Then my downstairs "work space" a corner of my kitchen. It's where some people would put a table for eating.

As you can see it's a cluttered mess. I thought I might clean it for show, but decided not to. You may as well see how it looks most of the time. This is where I sit to check emails and where I do my blogging. (Also where I pay bills, write letters, upload photos, print photos, etc. etc. etc.)

The needlepoint with the cat on the right side wall was done many years ago by my mother for me. I love it. I have many of her needlepoint work all over my house. She was also a knitter par excellence. My husband reminded me that my mother also drew!

I also love my view into the back yard where I planted everything there. My gardening used to take up a lot of my time. Now I have turned that over to someone else to maintain so I have time to quilt and draw! :-)

This post is for my friends across the big water from me to prove to you that not all Americans have lavish work spaces in which to create!


  1. Great workspace photos. I esp like the one with a view. I have one of those green grid cutting things which I cut paper on. I love it. Good investment. Thanks for all the comments on my blog. Yes, all this is thanx to Elizabeth. My doll not my best doll but there you go. You can see how awk. my stitches are. Have great weekned.

  2. thank you Lynn - I am glad that not all Americans have those decadently large studios... the envy was killing me ;-)

    I am also amazed at how much your home looks like an American home, though purportedly based in Afghanistan...! ;-)

    LOVE seeing your desktop, 'cos I am so nosey. Thanks for being a good blogging friend.

  3. No Suki I cannot, CAN NOT see your awkward stitches on your doll. I just saw an absolutely ADORABLE doll that I would love to cuddle. You did her great justice!

    And Miss Elizabeth, [do I need to curtsey when I address you btw? In England they do that don't they? Curtsey to those named Elizabeth? ;-)

    Oh I love this blogging with you all. I am spending so much more time laughing and it feels oh so good.

    I am also laughing to learn I have led you to believe I am based in Afghanistan. One cannot be too careful about hidden identity!
    That's why I wear the S.W. suit most times!!!

    I hope you didn't use a magnifying glass to get our ID numbers off the paperwork on my desk! You nosey blokette you! LOLOLOLOL

  4. Very nice workspaces Lynn, just as well organized as mine. I have to ask about your all-in-one printer, as I am in the market for one. It looks like an HP, is it? Do you like it, does it work well, any problems?

  5. Yes, Syl, its an HP Officejet 6310xi all in one printer (fax, (rarely use), copier, printer and scanner. I use it all and it is good. I have found HP printers to be very reliable over the years.
    I like that it can load quite a few papers at the same time on top to copy. (Something I need for work sometimes).

    I did recently run out and buy an Epson because Karen (here in blogland) told me it used good ink for printing on cloth. Something we quilters and "textile artists" need. That printer is still in the box so I can't give it a review yet. The ink is called Durabright and won't run or fade like the HP ink does. This has never been a worry on paper, but it might be better for photos on paper too. I haven't played with it yet to find out. Hope this is helpful for you.

  6. Love seeing peoples work place too. I guess I am like E.. NOSEY.. LOL
    I guess I will try and photograph my work areas. I did post where I paint.
    I love it that you left your space as is. I dont know how it happens but I think the paper gremlins come out at night and mess up my work spaces. ;-)
    I like your garden. Right now I am so into gardening as I never had much room to garden in before that I want to be outside more then being inside to paint. but winter IS coming so I can be inside and paint more. I guess you have to choose. Now is your time for quilting. And I noticed that you said DRAW. Your HOOKED!! lol

  7. Yes, I am hooked indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for showing us your work space! I guess it is still huge:-:)
    and you'll be able to fit in pots of paint...:)

  9. Ok this TOO weird for words!!! Before I even came back to read your reply about the printer, I went shopping with my sister for a laptop for her. While I was there I saw an all-in-one printer that I liked, it had the features I wanted and so boom I just bought it on the spot. It's in box behind me on a chair. Now, reading your answer, I looked back and guess what?? I bought an HP 6310!!!!!
    Is that WEIRD or WHAT????

  10. Syncronistic! You saw it on my work space page. You knew it was an HP. You wanted an all in one.
    No,not so weird. Or...we could decide we are technologically linked somehow in a mystical way! That would be fun! Let's go with that one. Why not? Lets! I hope you enjoy yours! I still haven't opened my Epson. The Quilt teacher today uses an HP injet and the ink does not run or wash out. Is an office jet the same as an ink jet?


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