Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Mes!

Big Draw #6/994

Left is Morning me, and Right is Afternoon me.

I think the eyes on the right are more like mine.

I found colored pencils at my office and brought them home!

PS. I crocheted the vest! LOL

What is really funny to me now is that when I first started quilting I would see potential quilting designs everywhere, in the lines of a side walk, of a fence, of brickwork, etc. Now, I see things crying out to be sketched. It's especially hard when sitting across from a client who is talking to me. I have to resist drawing their eyes or nose on my paper in front of me. At noon I went out to lunch and drew the tires on a car I could see from my patio table.


  1. I wonder if one of you could tell me how to get the Big Draw icon to the side of my blog? Also I'd love to "publish" the award Elizabeth gave me too. Need to know how to move these things around. Thanks if you know.

  2. I LOVE your self portraits. and TWO of them at that. You are doing so good. Funny how this gets into your blood. So glad you joined in this. I love seeing this talent of yours unfold.

  3. Hi Lynn. I did it. used that way I told you. you need to go find that icon and get it in your documents or pictures or where ever you put it. then click on pictures in the select eliments section and browse thru your pictures off your computer and click on it and walla. it goes on. i got it on mine.

    hope it works for you.

  4. Me again. lol. I forgot to mention that I right clicked on the BD Icon and clicked on SAVE PICTURE AS. and put the Icon where ever you put your pix.. that is what you will click on when you browse in the picture part in select elements.
    I am gone now.. LOL.

  5. Cris thank you for your instructions. I will try them in the morning.

    I am tired now. Just got done doing my homework for the free motion-sewing quilting class on Saturday. Had to cut out six 14" squares and backing for each plus batting, then had to draw one and two inch lines on four of them.

    Tomorrow I have to make an Ohio Star Square. We'll use all these to practice/learn to free style quilt/stipple/make circles, etc. etc. etc. All this so I can become more adept at quilting my own quilts by machine.

    I also hope to get started on piecing my roses together. The inner border fabric is washing now.

  6. Lynn Wonderful self portraits. The clothes especially seem to stand out in bright colors. Forgot to say I love your frog costumes. They are a riot. For yr grandkids? I didnt read the words just skimmed the photos. I posted a doll on my blog. I forgot she was in my car for years. She once had a dress. She is not in the image of anyone I know and not my best example. It may be none of my beeswax but are you a therapist? You mention sitting and listening to clients?

  7. Wow that is alot of homework but you will be satisfied with your quilts once you master a few more techniques. Cant wait for you to post it all when time permits you.
    Suki left me a thank you for helping her get the BD Logo on her blog via my instructions to you. So I guess I did explain them alright. Hope you can figure them out. Have a nice productive day.

  8. Oh phooey. I am not sure if I thanked you for all your nice comments on my blog last night. Lets see, After the KUDOS.. what do we do about a big FEED IT? Seems like that gets wonderful results. ;-)

  9. Suki, glad you like the frogs, yes for three year old twin grandkids. Their dad wanted "homemade" costumes. At first I thought what a waste of time/$ for a few hours use, but then thought NO, I want to give them the joy of those few hours and guess what, I'm the one who got the joy in making them. May have said all this when I posted them.
    Yes, I am.
    I'll go look for your doll now.

  10. These self portraits are great! Two of them too, goodness, I shall have some catching up to do...!

    I am dumbfounded by the speed with which you make your quilts (which are great by the way).
    40 roses!?... since the weekend...and you work... you must be Superwoman!

    Go Lynn :-)

  11. Dear Elizabeth, you have found me out! And I thought I had hidden my "super woman" outfit from sight! Oh NO! Oh NO! Now they know!

    Thanks for Kudos for self portraits (2) yes, 2, because I AM S.W.! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  12. I am so proud of you! You got the badges on your sidebar. :) And you can DRAW! How many other secrets are you keeping? Can you sing as well? Dance? Maybe the shorter list would be what you can't do.

  13. Kelly you make me laugh! I didn't know I could draw. I still am not sure. But I am having fun at the encouragement of the Great Queen Lizzi Artist of London! (Or there abouts). And all the other wonderful artists I have met all BECAUSE YOU encouraged ME to make a blog! See what you created? An art monster! An ego maniac too btw.
    And no, I can absolutely NOT SING! Not a note. Ask Fred, he sings beautifully btw. Awesomely wonderfully. So I don't need to do that.


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