Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Draw #5

Big Draw #5/995 to go (for me)...
Meet Henry V. I drew this for my friend Jeri, who requested I do so. And since we all seem to have cats, mine did not want to be left out!
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  1. Oh my, this is soo cute! I love your cat! And the drawing is great! I love how you managed to draw the head resting on the paws! Oh, this is amazing, Henry, Oscar, Emily Dickinson and Romeo...!!! I love it;)

  2. Very nicely done kitty. And the quilt. Oh my. I am drooling with envy. I LOVE quilts but am not a sewing person, though have made an occasional doll. This is going to be gorgeous. Is gorgeous now.

  3. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY YOU CAN'T DRAW EVER AGAIN!!! WOW Lynn the cat is wonderful. You had hiden drawing talent inside you. Thank goodness you let it out. Love the kitty.

  4. Well I have to say that getting up in the morning has recently garnered a bigger place in my heart. I now get to rise up and go collect KUDOS for breakfast!This is so much fun!

    Listen, I among you am the most surprised that I can apparently draw. I even got an email from Diane (the QUILTER EXTRODINAIRE)who said: "I love it. You can draw too!"

    Okay, I can draw.

    I even am starting to like it.

    Thank you all for your kudos for Henry V. my fifth drawing. And yes, I too love it that we all have cats. Nearly all?

    Sukipoet, have you seen my knitted dolls in an earlier post? I'd love to see yours too. I have a few others. I'll look for photos of them to post later.

  5. Linn your KUDOS are deserved. I finally figured out how to put things on the side on our blogs so I have added you to the list of my favorite blogs.

  6. oh and I forgot to mention I figured out the blog roll thing with the help of Elizabeth. Cant take all the credit.

  7. I'll check your blog for your dolls. My dolls are either packed up in my storage unit or given away. One year for Christmas I made dolls in the image of theperson I was giving the doll to. Unfortunately I took no photos. I'd love to see more of yours.

  8. I found your dolls. I love them. You to made them in the image of real people. Knitted!!! I can't knit either. My dolls i hand sewed out of cloth. A few yrs back I saw a family of knitted dolls for sale at a Christmas fair. It depicted an entire Cape Verdean family. Mom dad and kids. The whole set was $40. I kick myself for not buying it, made by a sweet elderly lady.

  9. Cris I am honored to be on your blog roll. Thank you.

    Suki glad you like my dolls too.
    It's fun to make them in the image of the giftees. I am sure yours were delightful.


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