Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sewing of roses done! 40!

Here's what a pile of cut French Roses look like in case you were wondering. Tonight I sewed the last of the 40, or so I thought. When I laid them out on my bed one was missing. I was sure I counted correctly...but I cannot find the missing rose. So I created one from scraps for the fortieth one. Hopefully it won't stand out too much from the garden of others. Considering I started a bit before last Saturday (about six days to cut and sew these four layered flowers, I'm doing well.
At noontime today I went to the quilt shop to sign up for another class this Saturday in free style sewing/quilting. This so I can have an even better handle on my top quilting this rose quilt. I was surprised to learn that I was the only one in last Saturday's class who intended to top quilt their quilt themselves. The others all planned to pay someone to do this for them professionally. I was wondering if I was nuts or what, but I hope to be able to do it justice. As the woman sitting next to me in class said: "You'll be able to say you made the whole thing yourself!" YES!
And then on the 27th is another class (Andrea hear this) in Trapunto: a method of double stuffing your quilted motif to add extra dimension to your quilt. I am hoping this will be a lead in to the type of raised work you are doing. I want to make masks one day! Perhaps on quilts! I want to be an "Andrea textile artist" when I grow up!


  1. Hi Lynn I hear you:) and thanks for coming back to my masks and yes, you can keep the photos. Also, I wanted to tell you about Fiber&Stitch, an online magazine for textile art . The editor, Sue Bleiweiss publishes articles together with other textile artists with in-depth description of how to add texture to your textile work and things like that. You could get a lot of inspiration there and grab ideas which will help you to advance, just have a look!

  2. Another wow on your 40 roses. I do know how much work all this is. I just love the colors and the roses you are doing. Yes there is a satisfaction in doing something completely yourself. So no, you're not nuts to be doing it.
    and I can see by your drawings that you are capable of anything.

  3. Thanks Andrea for the direction to the magazine. I will go look next.
    And thanks for letting me have your mask photos. I swear I am dreaming masks. I keep thinking I can learn in the Trapunto class to make them instead of a wreath the class teaches. There I will be dancing to my own drummer.

    Yes, Cris, a lot of work but oh so pleasurable. The edges of the roses will fray when washed giving the quilt an aged look! Fun watching it grow, this new garden of mine. I appreciate your confidence in me. (..."can do anything." we'll see)


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