Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Big #4


  1. Very good on the 4th drawing in a row. I see you have a comcast remote. ;)Very good drawing of it. Cute picture of the little boy.
    would that be a grandkid?
    Good job!
    Thanks for the nice comments on my kittie's & outdoor photos.

  2. Thanks Cris. I'll only admit that it's a from a photo of my grandson because I made him look much more like Alfred E. Newman/What me worry?. (Am careful not to post photos of kids for their safety sake. I may be overly cautious, but having been victim of a bank scam years ago I sit on identity carefully.)

  3. Oh sorry about that. What a horrible experience to go thru. I got the idea so I took off something on mine so others wouldnt ask about where and all. Didnt mean to pry. Figured it didnt show much of him really. I'll be careful about that from now on. Love the fact we are all drawing. But Alfred E Newman??? LOL

  4. Lynn, nice drawings. Yes I sit on my child's identity as much as possible.. you never know who is lurking incyberspace do you. Call me paranoid, but...

    Glad you still enjoying the Big Draw, I am so glad you joined in :-) I hope to get my act together very soon... thanks for being patient.

    I so love how we all connect, across such distance: very cool!

  5. Hi Lynn. The little kid is so cute yawning as I am doing now myself. It's great that you are part of the drawing campaign. Too bad the uSA doesn't have a big draw too. A great way for folks to get to make art.

  6. What a nice little boy, (I had to "google" Alfred E. Newmann and n, I don't agree cause your grandson is cute!


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