Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Draw #8 or 9 not sure

Big Draw #8 only 993 to go. For those of you who can't see the words and want to know what it says it says: "Colored but not a coloring book coloring, picture of passion flower, busy day today, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2007.

Joy in the out of doors. Gardening pride. I grew this its flowers return each year to adorn my garden. lucky me. :-)

Jungle feel to this...hear the animals actually

neighborhood sounds...some birds...Kelly would name them from their sounds...I enjoy them.

In and out of the lines...warm day...

I think I should stick to photography and quilting."

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  1. No I think you should KEEP drawing and coloring out of the lines. This looks good. you need to photograph it close so it can be seen better. I like it. has energy. You are good & you are doing great. DONT QUIT. sometimes we go on a plateu & stay there a while then all of a sudden go up another level. Never give up!

    Sometimes I dont get my comments in because of having dial up. takes me so long and I have to leave to do something else. I NEED fast speed. Someday. sigh.

  2. That flower does "feel" like passion and the jungle reference in your post encourages the sense of a passionate beat to this exercise you are doing, Lynn.

    I don't know about a photo of Kelly and me but I do think we will meet sometime in the next few days.

  3. Okay Cris, okay. I hear you. I'll continue. I think I am hooked anyway. But its becoming a challenge to fit in all the things I want to do. I am spending way too much time at the computer, even though I am loving it all the same.
    Dial up is a drag. I have it at work. Oy.
    And it's hard seeing you seasoned artists and comparing novice self to you all.

    Annie thanks to you too. Your words give me courage to continue as well.
    Knowing Kelly she'll have her camera. I would understand should you choose not to blog it. But glad the two of you get to meet in person. I love the tapestry of friendships/acquaintanceships we are building here. If we all held hands we'd circle the globe. Isn't that something?

    My husband reminds me when I said: "What do I need a computer for?"
    Oh, what little I knew then.

  4. I hear you Lynn about the time and computer but it is fun and I am learning to SEE more doing this daily drawing. I am treating this like a class. I have Homework. ;)
    I too asked what do I need a computer for. Good thing I got into it before moving here. It is my window to the world out there. Makes me feel like I have it all.


  5. Keep on drawing and colouring, this is the beginning of a great sketchbook... with your thoughts, ideas, images, the way you see things and colours and shapes, do not stop drawing, please?
    Andrea :)

  6. Lynn love the colors of your flower. Delicate. A hard flower to draw methinks tho I find all flowers pretty hard to draw.

    I too was very reluctant to get a computer once. Now I go nutso if it is out of commission.

    Got your comment on grief and added a response to my blog. I didnt mean life was meaningless to me. Rather, kinda what you said, the meaning is in the present moment and what we do in the moment and so forth. Ekhart Tolle typa thing. Which is very Bhuddist.

  7. Oh, that's the photo Mom wanted to paint from, too! Your drawings are amazing...each one is so different. Love how you photographed it alongside the colored pencils and photo.

  8. Curious, Annie, do you and Kelly know each other from before blogging?

    Kiki, I can't wait to see your mom's painting of the passion flower. It will be amazing. She is so good.


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