Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not bragging...just updating

My blog is like a personal journal for me. And that is why I post every move of progress I am making in my quilt making. Please don't see it as "bragging". Just chronicling the birthing process of my creations. It will let me go back and see how many hours it took to do such and such. For instance tonight I went back to the my sewing space and cut and pieced and sewed the first of three borders onto my rose quilt. (I ate some chocolate earlier so I will be buzzed for a while)...I think I spent close to two hours, cutting, piecing, sewing and pressing. I look at this quilt and think 'almost done'...then remember that the actual quilting will take days. Also I won't even attempt to do it until I take the next heirloom free style sewing class in November. And on the last Saturday of the month...that's the 27th, I can get the backing on sale at the quilt shop. (It's also a babysitting day so not sure that will happen)...we'll see.


  1. Hi Lynn, it is good to post photos of your quilt while you go along finishing it. Like a creative journal. Nothing to do with braggine, just a good way to take a step away from what you are doing, and to look at it in a new way. Which often brings new ideas and solutions. And to have comments is a great motivation.
    Looking forward to your posts,

  2. I haven't gotten a single whiff of "bragging" on your blog! I'm in awe of your quilts and your sketches and, quite frankly, it's very cool to see how things come together as you go along. Keep posting it! Please! :)

  3. NO Bragging seen here either. I am loving watching this quilt unfold. Keep it up please. ;)


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