Monday, October 15, 2007

Lynn's Life today

These photos are coming in hit or miss. I'll keep trying.

Oh NO! I came on line and was told the blogs were DOWN for maintenance. I could not log on. I could not moderate comments. I did have some and finally they came on. But now they say I cannot bring on photos. This is miserable. I have a stack of things to share...I must share...I will surely go through terrible withdrawals if I am not allowed to share.

Okay I will write about the things I want to hopes the problem will be fixed soon.

Last night I stayed up late and sewed the first of three borders onto the rose quilt. Yes, Kelly, it will "make the room". Especially since there is absolutely nothing in this very plain room as it stands now. I am not a decorator and am not "into any particular style/or fashion" on body or home. It's just comfortable here. Laid back comfortable. So the Rose Quilt will definitely stand out. It might even think: "What am I doing HERE?" But hopefully, it will feel welcomed and loved and get comfortable itself before too long. You need to realize that when the roses are done and I wash the quilt the edges of their petals will fray and it will look much different, aged. I can't wait to see this stage of it's metamorphis. (Okay, now you can call me a liar. I am going to brag for one minute. I sewed the squares together and they meet at intersections of four and I was able to make them meet perfectly there matching seams except for seven times. I think there are 28 intersections! I am giving my self a huge pat on the back. And the ones that are off a bit are very tiny "offs"! ) ;-) very proud quilter here!

Yesterday I re-did my passion flower drawing because my husband said the white petals did not show up. So now they show better/more.

Today I was at lunch quietly enjoying reading a book and eating when I suddenly got this URGE to sketch. I dug in my bag for a pencil and started on the young woman I could see across the room. I had to be careful as I think she wondered why I was looking her way. She looked sad to me, maybe just bored waiting for her lunch. But her mouth turned down on the ends, sad like. Then I sketched my keys that were lying on the table ("hatchbacking" like a true artiste) and my bowl now empty of fresh fruit. The tire is from a few days ago.
I did my "homework". Good girl!


  1. This is beautiful Lynn. Getting prettier and prettier. It says it belongs because it was made with by you. Hope you can get your photos on soon.

  2. I had a hard time getting on Blogger last night too. Seems alright this morning. I like the drawings. I love the woman drawing. It's spontaneous.


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