Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sharing My JOY!

I had a wonderful two days with my grand kids. They picked apples from a tree in their back yard; Ten kids took turns climbing this little step ladder and got to pick an apple from the tree. The apples will be made into an apple pie by my SIL later. Then they were carving and cleaning pumpkins... All this today!

On my my Grandma's Friday I took care of my grandchildren alone! We spent some time at the park across the street from their house, and they did try on their frog costumes I made them! They were delighted with them and I to see them in them. It was a wonderful time. And they did not tire me out completely. But I did sleep well last night!
I did do some sewing while there and I did some sketching too. Maybe I'll blog those later.


  1. Nice family. Sounds & looks like you had lots of fun. You have a lovely family. and The frog costumes are precious. and you got sewing AND drawing done.. kudos to you. What a joyful couple days. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. These grandkids are totally adorable!! What great ages too. They look darling the in frog costumes. Something to keep for a lifetime I'd think and hand down to their kids. Glad you had a fun time being grandma.

  3. Looks like a GREAT time Lynn! Your life is very full, you are blessed.

  4. Hey Lynn. Just read your comments to E about posting our are daily. I hope you keep posting your art daily. I am planning on doing so. I am addicted. ;) I might venture out with some other art.. like color. lol. But if I dont commit to posting them then I won't draw daily. E said she was going to draw AND do another art a day thing in Nov that Leah is promoting.
    Thanks for noticing my new layout. no one else noticed or said anything. I posted a comment to you on my blog but thought I would thank you here too.
    I am hoping to get DSL soon. I called and it hopefully will be here with in the next couple months. YIPPE..LOL

  5. Thanks Lynn.. your comment came in to my email..I DID notice your new colors and things. I kept meaning to mention it too. How did you get the color? was there an option for color?
    I am trying to get a photo on my dashboard too. not easy. arrgh

  6. aaaaah, what a beautiful family. i have no grandchildren yet, only a granddog!

  7. Forever Young: Just think of the wonderment you have waiting in store for you! One more thing to look forward to in growing older. I tell you they really do save the best for the last (years). I hope your children will be fruitful and mulitply! LOL In the meantime, enjoy the Grand Dog! ;-)

    Cris: The template choices offered choices in different colors too.
    I think everything is more difficult when you have dial up as opposed to DSL or Comcast. I really would consider not eating on Thursdays if that would allow you to afford a quicker server!
    [That's what we told our daughter to do when she went away to college to make her money last. ;-)]

  8. How totally cute, adorable and gorgeous children, and a lovely family! :-) Looks like you all had a great time. The costumes look fantastic on them too, well done you!

    Picking the apples looks like massive fun... we picked my Mum's apple tree this year with our son, but I wish we had made a party of it with lots of kids. Next year definately!

  9. I am ever impressed with my DDs circle of friend, and now they all have kids around the same age.
    There were ten children at the apple picking /pumpkin carving party, which was very impromtu.
    And great fun was had by all.
    I was happy to be there to see & record it all.

    Thanks for the costume kudos. They did look cute! Yes, I am truly blessed!

  10. Yes it was nice meeting your family. Even briefly.


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